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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi ,

I am sure most guilds are in a very similar situation to our own. Not being able to keep enough players to progress into mythic content regularly. I am putting this post out there to see if any guilds would be interested in getting anywhere from 5-10 raiders (possibly more but doubtful) into their guild to help progression . Tanks can re spec to DPS if needed / Heals etc . Our average ilvl is 900 and we have 10/10 H on farm for over 2 months.

Please hit me up if you are keen!
We have started a new alliance guild in frostmourne that would love to have you!

We are currently setting up our core raid team and will be teaching normal nighthold first to see how we perform as a guild to be sure everyone knows the fights! then plan on progressing into ToS.

We strive for a social mature guild that can have more then a few laughs!

Hope you consider us :)
sent you a add would like to have a chat.
Hey bud. Wana stay horde or some willing to come alliance. If so drop onto the nex n ruina thread and drop a msg.
Hi topicalcream

Friends and I have just started a new guild on horde barthi. Having come from ally we were clearing 10/10 h with easy but due to move we are now reforming to be able to push into mythic raids come tomb. The guild would be more than able to accommodate all of you as like I said it is a brand new guild. Our recruitment post can be found https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754327974 and I have sent you an add on bnet if you wish to chat some more.

Hope to hear from you soon
Hi topicalcream ,

I have tried to add you on bnet KylzColley#1421
Hi there..Just want to link our guild ad since we are looking to expand our roster at the moment..if this interests you please do let us know. Thanks :)

Our current progression is 3/10M. We raid 10PM Server Time on Wed/Thu/Sun (one day is to farm heroic)


for a quick chat about the guild just add :
Hi there, Hollowed is a 3 week old guild on Barth and are looking for more to fill our core team. Currently running H NH with around 14-16 peeps and have cleared 7/10H, although some of us have cleared 10/10H and have also done 3/10M. Really only need dps but would be happy to try and accommodate as many of you as possible.
We raid wed/sun/mon 8-11pm server time.

If you want to chat hit me up billygruff#2810

Hi Topical,

I added your Btag late last night, and would love to get on Discord to have a chat to you.

I'd be keen to find out the range of Classes/Roles you guys play (or are willing to change to, as per your post), and see if they are a match for what we're looking for.

I'm hopeful we can incorporate a fair number of you guys/girls. And depending on how keen you all are to jump into Mythic NH, we could get you along this Sunday.

Below is our recruitment thread:

Look for me on Huriken#1357 (Btag). Hope to chat soon mate.

Efficacy s Currently 10/10 Heroic NH and we are looking to finalise our core of raiders to progress into mythic in 7.2.

We are currently looking at more range dps in the form of Hunter/Mage/Boomie/Lock but are always willing to consider all promising applicants.

Coming from another realm/faction? Talk to us, and see if we can figure out a solution. Any outstanding applicants may be elligable for help.

870+ Ilvl
Level 42+ Artifact weapon (can consider clsoe to that)
Have a mindset of progression and dedication.

Raid Times:

Wednesday is typically farm content, followed by Thur/Mon being our main progression nights.

For any further questions don't be afraid to contact me in game

Look afford to hearing from you.
Hey there, Advo repping Spectres here. We're a chill raiding guild with an adult environment seeking to add to our family to hit some mythic progression when the time comes.
We currently raid heroic Nighthold on weekends, sitting at 9/10 right now, and have a more casual N Nighthold run on Thursday nights. Mythic +s and some pvp stuff get randomly put together through the week also.
Check out our post here https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752346169#1
or add me- tzed#11700 to chat some more if you think you could make your home with us.
Hey mate!
It looks like you have quite a bit of interest at the moment - but if you are still looking or not quite sold, Dropbears of Funk is looking to recruit at least 5 raiders for our raiding team.

We are a horde guild on Jubei'thos, currently 5/10 M and looking to solidify our roster for Tomb of Sargeras.
We raid only 2 nights per week (Weds and Thurs 730pm-1030pm ST), but focus strongly on progression. This is a good mix for those who love to raid, see content but don't have heaps of time to dedicate to the game.

We are also an incredibly social guild. We do a lot of heroic/normal/alt runs plus mythics and bg's. Dropbears has been around on Jubei since Vanilla, there is no drama - just a great place to play the game and meet some cool people.

If you want to talk more, please add me Leasie#2950 - we can also chat on discord if you're keen :)
CV is now recruiting for World of Warcraft! We are seeking highly skilled Oceanic gamers for mythic progression on Frostmourne - Alliance. We are focusing on Mythic Raids for PvE as well as Mythics + Dungeon. We are accepting both old school players who are returning as well as players who are up to date.

We do not care about your current gear state or level and will be accepting based on all around experience, personality and availability.

Any skilled player is welcome while these following class are highly desired:


We have 4 raid nights a week:

- Wednesdays: 10.00pm -1:30am GMT+8 (ALT/FARM/OPTIONAL)
- Thursday: 10.00pm - 1:30am GMT+8 (Mandatory)
- Friday: 10.00pm - 1.30am GMT+8 (Mandatory
- Mondays: 10.00pm - 1:30am GMT+8 (Mandatory)


- Age 18+
- Must be active on guild Discord + Forums
- Working Headset and Microphone
- Skilled gamer + Fast Learner
- Discord App installed
- Good sportsmanship
- Can play at GMT+8 ( 10pm - 1.30am)

To join or queries, please add
BahamutSon #1952
for more informantion
Here is a link to our recruitment post to fill you in on all the bits and bobs about our guild. I would be very interested in having a chat with you about stealing you for our raids.
Please have a read and contact me on my btag listed in the post if it's something you would be interested in!


Mel :)
Hey there!

Zero Empathy's team <Infinite Apathy> is looking to bolster its ranks for Mythic NH and in preparation for ToS, 3/10M Team currently seeking all exceptional Players! also have room for casual members for Mythic + :)
Our website: http://zeroempathyguild.com
Raid nights are
-Weds:/7pm-10pm SVT
-Fri:/7pm-10pm SVT
-Sun:/7pm-10pm SVT

My bnet is Skargrim#1387! feel free to add me and have a chat! :)

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