Who has the best class hall?

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cmon dont you guy want a warlock class hall..that you have to access with a long walk through dal in the sewers where blizz thinks we belong.
I like Hunter, Monk, and Druid the most. I like nature and seclusion.
i like the Hunter and now that i can fly i like the druid. haven't been in the others in awhile and can't remember them
DK hall is nice since you have a portal to access it from anywhere in the game. The only thing I don't like about it the 2 layer floor structure makes things a little farther away then they need to be. Of course being able to ride your mount inside the hall makes up for that a lot.
04/22/2017 05:39 PMPosted by Shartah
Just as a disclaimer, this is an opinion thread on what you think the best LOOKING class hall is based on Location, Lore, Atmosphere etc.

I may be biased but the Druid Cass hall is beautiful, as are hunters and Monks.

I wouldn't put hunters in the top half.

I have warlock, mage, paladin, hunter, monk, druid, rogue, warrior, demon hunter and I would say mage is probably the nicest.

oops forgot dk as well.
Us paladins are in a makeshift basement that suddenly got "discovered".

I would have rather paladins be in the Cathedral of Light.
2. Pally
3. Druid
4. Hunter

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