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Hi Beast Masters. We’ve been reading your feedback and trying different sets of changes for Beast Mastery Hunters internally and on PTR.

To start, we are reverting all 7.2.5 changes we’ve made so far to how Wild Call triggers. Instead, Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy will have 2 charges baseline. The Mantle of Command (legendary shoulders that currently add +1 charge to Dire Beast/Dire Frenzy) will be changed to instead further increase the proc chance of Wild Call.

Overall, this will result in more Focus for all Beast Mastery Hunters, resulting in a more active rotation. Additionally, this gives all Beast Mastery Hunters access to a Dire Beast/Dire Frenzy with 2 charges playstyle that is more engaging and fun, allowing you to make decisions on when to use the buttons, instead of feeling like you should most often simply push them on cooldown.

We’ve been trying other iterations of changes surrounding Dire Beast/Dire Frenzy and Wild Call, including increasing Dire Beast/Dire Frenzy Focus generation or versions that avoided changing the legendary shoulders drastically, but ultimately reached the conclusion that giving 2 charges to the abilities baseline, which many of you have asked for, was the best change for the spec at the current time. We appreciate your patience while we try different iterations on PTR.

We are also making a few other less major changes to the spec in the next PTR patch, including:
  • Aspect of the Wild will reduce the global cooldowns of your damaging abilities by 0.2 seconds, allowing you to more reliably spend the Focus you’re generating while it's active, especially with Dire Beast/Dire Frenzy going off.
  • Kill Command and Dire Frenzy will cause your pet/Hati to charge up to 40 yds (up from 25 yds) to the target, matching the max range of your ranged abilities.
  • When your pet casts Dash, Hati will also gain Dash for the same duration.
*reads first 2 sentences*

I LOVE YOU ALL, faith in devs restored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!!!!!!! DID HE SAY 2 CHARGES!!!!!!????
Thank the 8 lb 6 oz sweet baby BM Hunter Jesus
Well, at least this way the shoulders feel a little less necessity in the spec. Though certainly they will still be BiS for it.
04/28/2017 06:03 PMPosted by Tibz
Well, at least this way the shoulders feel a little less necessity in the spec. Though certainly they will still be BiS for it.

Maybe not in order to use 4p tier 20 + 2p tier 19, who knows, we will see what sims show. In any case, ^%$# the shoulders, it's time to celebrate, a round of beers on me!
Omg, thank you Seph. If anyone deserves a raise at blizzard HQ, it's you for providing amazing feedback so far in 7.2.5.
All of this seems good, especially the improvements to Hati's behavior. While on the topic of pets, are there any changes coming to the pathing?

There are too many instances where you have to store your pet because you know it is going to get stuck on the terrain (DHT, that jump to the trench) or where the pet walks on something resulting in there being no paths.

Also any chance of either reducing or possibly even removing agro radius on pets, unless they are targeting a mob (aka you told them to attack it)? Too many places in dungeons where you have to pause / dismiss pet. Reducing the cooldown of dismiss pet would at least alleviate this as a temporary fix.
Very glad to see BM Hunters get the changes they have been asking for since Alpha, both the charges and the Hati changes.

I'd love to see other specs with flagrant mechanical flaws get similar engagement from devs as well - this post shows that you can and do listen to player feedback, so please extend that to other classes that have also echoed the same concerns since Alpha (MM and Vulnerable being my personal crusade, but there are many others as well).
Not that I care about hunters and all of that.

But it's good to hear that BM hunters are getting what they wanted, and that is a huge step towards class changes.
Thank you so much <3 Faith restored!
Thank you :D I'm glad everyone can now enjoy a more fluent play style of bm, compared to the wait for focus game. Cheers :D
You really came through Blizz. My sincerest thanks to you guys for listening. Can't wait for 7.2.5 now. <3
Thank you so much, Blizz! This is exactly what the spec needed, and I'm really looking forward to it :) The improvements to pet/Hati are much appreciated, too.

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