Muradin and Nordrassil
Greetings, I am in a guild now and do not want to leave it until I have a new guild set up to move to. Other than using the game tools of Raid finder, or Dungeon finder, I solo play now because most of my guild members have other things to do. I am at a point in the game now where, in order to progress with the story line, it is necessary for me to do the Mythic dungeons. I would like to find a guild that is casual, but also knows how to play well, and will help me play better also. I have done a few of the Mythic Dungeons, but was treated so horribly last time I did one that I decided it was time to find a guild to group with and raid with rather than strangers.

I would bring to the guild a willingness to help others as I am able, and an eager spirit to participate. Thanks!
Hey!! Assassins is looking for dps for our main raid team if you're intrested! We're 7/7 n 2/7 H and 4/10 N we have several members in the guild that like to run keystone mythics and such so i'm sure you'll be able to do plenty of guild mythic runs! We use discord as our voice app and would love to see you join our guild!

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