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Demon Hunter
I don't consider transmog as a set already made by Blizzard. Especially now, the game just saves every appearance.

Mix and match and find something that's actually unique and suits your taste.
I for one would welcome an invisible chest piece so I can finally look like the classic WC3 Demon Hunter hero unit.
04/24/2017 07:16 AMPosted by Ryuk
As an avid transmog hunter I find one of the main reasons I don't play my DH as much is the lack of sets. Pretty much the best looking set is the class hall set (personal opinion). I haven't unlocked the shoulders yet.

Does anyone feel the same?

Sure we could be rogue druid or monk wannabes but....

I have a few Mog's i switch between, however.. the one i'm currently wearing is stemming out to be one of my favorites... not sure everyone would agree with me as its a mostly black set with some redish.. & green accents...., but i guess what would matter most is that you have at least one set you like =)
I mog every class into a pirate. DH is no exception :D
T20 xmog set with warglaives of azzinoth looks good
It does suck that there are not a lot of sets but the fun of transmog is making your own. Spent some time doing the one I have on now.
In my mind it's a good thing. They are the only class by default that looks cool. I have OCD so everytime I play classes I waste gold and time figuring out a good transmog and never stick to one. Time could I could of spent playing the game, and gold on game time.

Hmmm... Now I know why I main a druid
DH can somehow make up for the lack of set with their customization options. We have to make best use of the barber shop and revealing gear.
I am favoring this with the glaives
You can usually get the armor of other classes if you try hard enough. Often but not always, you can get entire item sets from other classes in raids or dungeons. It does take some time and patience to get them.
I like using this rogue t3 set. Don't see many other DHs wearing it either so that's a bonus.
07/15/2017 10:43 PMPosted by Porzingis
I like using this rogue t3 set. Don't see many other DHs wearing it either so that's a bonus.

that's because it costs ALLOT of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ <--gold
and its very very limited availability on the BMAH lol

Not much matches? what are you trying to do with this mog? curious is all :) /comfort

I'm really liking mine so far. Still a work in progress but one of my my faves.
Pretty pleased with mine.
I have a ton of leather since I mained a rogue for like, ever.
The new set isn't so bad, I just wish the yellow elite pvp set was instead the mythic raid set. Too much blue for the alliance side
The real joy is when you look at the weapon tooltip and read - Transmogrified to "Warglaives of Azzinoth"

IMO everything else is purely bonus and subjective you your own taste. But the glaives. the glaaaaaives

I am pleased.
I find it hard to transmog my DH sometimes because i like showing off the tattoos, which is what makes DH's unique to other races. so my transmog is simple but it works for now.

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