[H] <Mostly Harmless> 6/11M LF players

Guild Recruitment
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<Mostly Harmless> is a semi-hardcore progression guild looking for a few skilled raiders to round out our roster.

Currently Recruiting 2-3 DPS and 1 Healer

All exceptional applications will be considered. Great raiders who are also great people will not be overlooked. The guild is an adult guild with a mature atmosphere. Applicants must be over the age of 18. Friendly people who just want to come hang out are always welcome.

Raid Schedule
10pm-1am EST (7-10 PST) Tuesday and Thursday
9pm-1am EST (6-10 PST) Sunday
We respect players' time and end promptly at 1am.

-Show up on time, prepared for progression. The guild provides food, enchants, and gems. Fights should be researched ahead of time.
-Attendance of 90% or higher. We ask that you post out on our forums or text an officer if you have to miss a raid.
-A good attitude. Our raiders are pretty chill and easy to get along with. We are a team. If you think raiding is all about you, we're probably not a good fit.
-Play at a mythic level. We'd rather be impressed by your skill than your gear.

The Server
Malfurion (PVE), connected with Trollbane. It’s a medium population server with a near equal faction balance. Many guilds are actively raiding, and we're striving to remain at the top of that list.


Between the history, the atmosphere, and the guildmates, our goal is to be a home for players, not just a raid team. With 9 years of raiding under our belts, we won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

If you still have questions or just want to chat, please get in touch with us.
Xeek#1682 - Guild Master
Gulthok#1687 - Raid Leader

Check out our discord
Is anyone browsing this late?
Mothers day weekend means good food happening
Zelya told me to come comment on your post. Keep up the good work, I like doing randoms and mythic + with you guys. Pretty amazing guild!

Zelya's Wife!

She really is the best, cheers!
joining Mostly Harmless is not just joining a guild its joining the family. :D

Hope everyone had a good mothers day weekend!
Come hit us up if you have questions! We're a kickass team!
Star Augur is going down this week for sure
Love me some Friday alt run!
We have some very lively discussions most raid nights, come join the fun!
Star Augur is going down tonight, 8/10M nighthold inc
How bout that AK cap nerfed to 40....
At least they buffed Concordance to make up for the AK cap nerf I guess
Updated with that Realm first star augur 8/10M kill
Wewt got dat Augur kill :D
Hope everyone has a good 3day weekend
Looking to fill out our roster for Tomb, i'm always up for a chat

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