[H] <Mostly Harmless> 6/11M LF players

Guild Recruitment
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Throne when??? Also Thanksgiving woot woot!
T-minus 1 week
One week to go.
Who wants to pop into a heroic farm tonight and just have a a good time
RIP lootboxes!
Give me your innervates and wisdom, just saying...
Ooooh yea, Innervates and blessings sound good. I'll bribe people for those
The day is finally almost here, i've been thinking about thanksgiving all day
Join us and share your Thanksgiving stories :)
Browsing some videos for the new bosses in Throne. Can't wait to dive in :D
Happy Thanksgiving everyone
So full X_X lots of good leftovers for tomorrow and the weekend :)
Eggs and ham with banana nut bread for breakfast
So... much... turkey O.o everyone having a good week? Come join us on sunday!
Kudos on the guild name. Do you provide Janx Spirit raid flasks? Are there weekly Vogon poetry readings?

I can't join you folks because you're Horde, but let's grab a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster some time.

I didn't get any of those references
Soooo much leftovers
Xeekz, they are references to "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", a famous comedic sci-fi series.
Last raid of the tier, will do normal ToS for funs. Come check us out
T-minus 2 days to get a raid team people, why not us?

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