[H] <Mostly Harmless> 6/11M LF players

Guild Recruitment
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I am so excited! Can't wait to start working on Throne content :)
I'm excited to see how those trinkets turn out on top of new bosses
It's here, join us in getting lost in the new raid!
Todays the day, Looking for Healz and DPS
Cleared normal in one night, got 2 days now to work on heroic
Tonight we are starting our heroic run, anyone who hasn't done it yet and is interested, hit me up
Heroic tonight woo hoo! Time for upgrades >:)
Lookin for 1 healer! hit me up
Off and on all day, willing to chat with anyone interested
Tommorow we finish up heroic, lets do it
Heroic tonight, Lets gooooo!
Healers where you at
Starting with normal tonight to try and get some more tier and trinkets. Join us, will be a full clear
Fellow healers, we shall unite under one banner
Have a spot for a ranged dps as well, we don't have any Spriest on the team atm
The weekend is here, which means we are one friday closer to xmas... yea yea yea
I just want some christmas cookies
How bout those blizzard football games?
First mythic week done. Got 1/11M. Not bad. Shoulda had 2. Get that next week
Updated to show 2/11 and looking for Rdruid, hoping to hit the raid full speed once we get through new years weekend

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