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Waiting for the new season of Rainbow Six to start this week, looking forward to Finka and Lion operators
Hand of Fate 2 DOWN! Good game, def check it out when it's on sale. The first one is a good intro, as the 2nd one gets a bit more complicated in terms of win conditions. Looking forward to more installments down the line (hopefully).

Onto "Into the Breach" :D
It's actually Baseball time already?
Baseball? Boooooring
Are you excited that your Mariners signed Ichiro??
It's nice to have him back but hard to get too excited about a 44 year old who probably won't see more than 100 AB's
gotta love tuesdays... all the farm!
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Yesterday was Movie Monday for me and my wife, we watched Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was ok, I was kinda lost as to who was who because I hadn't seen Prince Caspian at all and haven't seen The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in like 10 years. But it was neat
Someone show da wae in Into the Breach D:
Kinda wish spring and summer were not around the corner, more winter please
Its getting kind of late, can't decide if I want coffee or beer
Coffee. Beer only if I'm trying to turn up in some kind of PvP game
I went with beer since I ended up playing fortnite then rainbow six
why not coffee with beer???
Not very enthused by Into the Breach, need another game to play T_T
I've been playing way too much fortnite and rainbow six, idk what into the breach even is
finally saw black panther, was pretty good but not as amazing as some people made it sound
Don't forget it's daylight savings time, everyone adjust your clocks.
Uh yea, DST kinda screwed up my sleep, rip

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