[H] <Mostly Harmless> 6/11M LF players

Guild Recruitment
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Could use a boomkin, lock, spriest, rogue, feral, enchance, ret
Should be on most of the day if anyone wants to chat
Another lock portal would be nice, just saying...
Maybe someone who actually knows how to use cast summoning stone
Tuesday farm day.
Heroic in bout 30minutes, if anyone wants to xrealm it
Still got room for a couple DPS going into throne
Who wants to raid?!
Could use some more dps! Come join us!
Blizzcon coming up, part of me wants to drive down there and see if I can buy a random ticket
I'm a DPS player. If you're also a DPS player, we have so much in common! Get in touch and raid with us!
I used to be a dps player, so we have stuff in common kinda
We got stuff and things.
I def have stuff, i'm not sure about the things
I prefer things to stuff, just my personal opinion. Come at me!
Don't Quote me on that!

Well too late I already did!
Come join us before the next raid drops!
Which could be tuesday, or the next tuesday, or the next. who knows
Sounds like it might be the 28th? Unconfirmed... but still likely!
Yea, 28th is the semi-confirmed/kinda date. Kinda sucks, 3 full lockouts, was hoping for 1, 2 at the most

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