[H] <Swarm> Thrall 6/8M LF 1 Healer

Guild Recruitment
You opened this post expecting yet another regurgitation of raid times and achievements, but by Thrall’s bare balls were you wrong. You have stumbled onto a goldmine of awesomeness. That soft sound in the background slowly growing in fervor, volume, and intensity is a rock opera ballad, and you can feel it in your subcochles—the very fiber of your up-until-this-point aimless existence—that this is the point in time where your life changes.

Yes, indeed. This isn’t a recruitment post. It’s a gods-damned opportunity. I can already hear the rusty, worn out gears in your head squeakily trying to turn, to discern and decipher this moment of greatness that sprung itself upon you like a slightly chubby 40-year old divorcee at an upscale business bar. But don’t think about it. You’re out of practice. You don’t understand this, but you feel that it’s right.

Trust your gut on this one. Rely on that reptilian brain aspect of your subconscious that knows you so much better than you will ever admit knowing yourself. The part of your brain that feels no shame about those 14 privacy-mode firefox tabs you had open for 15 minutes. It’s there to urge you to THRIVE and fighting it just leads to bad decisions (like that time you got drunk and woke up next to thongzilla (or jerrycurl Stavros for the ladies, we don’t discriminate).)

SWARM isn’t a guild so much as a state of being. You stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the bloodydamn heroes of Azeroth not as a recruit but as someone who found their way home. You know if you fit in because you can’t resist the pull. You want to bang your shield, stamp your feet, and trample the bodies of gods and monsters. You have the bloodlust.

And, please, do have the bloodlust. If you’re just after purples you’re not going to fit in. You know, as much as you yearn for this to be about you, that it is not. I’m sorry for you if this is the case. You are the chaff and it is not for us to change that.

We are primarily looking for people who are at least around 3/8M. It’s fine if you’re not right there with us, or even ahead of us (since we have been waiting for you, after all) so long as you KNOW this is meant for you.

So gather around the fire my children and join us in glorious combat, every Mon-Thursday from 9:00pm EST-12:00pm EST. We drop Monday's later in the tier. We have dropped Monday as of now.

If you can stop your hands from shaking in excitement for enough time to contact us, feel free to add any of our officers

Friend wanted!
Preferably looking for Shaman!
Best post I've ever raid for recruitment. Just glorious.
Yes healers come join this glory!
Now proudly 10/10M
Come help construct additional pylons! I mean down raid bosses!
Only a couple resets left until ToS
Wazy will tickle your pink parts if you're a healer of at least Donnie Yen proportions. If you hit Bruce Lee levels he'll even do bootypops for you in his wedgied Aquaman wonderoos*.
* The original pair he's had since his gramma bought them for him thirty two years ago, They are holier than your spec. It's quite the show.
We yearn for you.
Holy Paladin would be great!
ToS right around the corner.
Looking for 1-2 DPS to round things out.
Sent btag to you for requesting about main swapping, would be happy to swap for 7.3 lol, nice breath of fresh air playing something other than dk for years xD
Coming in on next patch.
Any bets on when servers will be up?
I would have lost the bet.

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