Casual guild recruiting H NH 2/10

Azuremyst and Staghelm
Exodar Community College
Staghelm US
is looking for a few raiders to help flesh out our current team.

We are casual and friendly while also seeking to make progress in Nighthold.

Schedule: Tues,Thrs,Sat 7:30pm realm time 8:30pm eastern
Realm: Staghelm-Azuremyst but we will bring anyone.
Loot Rules: personal
Progress: group progress NH H 2/10
in much need of ranged dps, but will take any new members

Interested? Please inquire with Nineva@Staghelm, via in game mail, or within this thread.
GM Battletag Nineva#11394

We consider our members to be family. Aside from the obvious perks to this, the downside is we have very few members in the guild who are currently active and struggle to keep our raid team filled. This has directly contributed to our ability to progress further in the raid. If you think you could help us out in raid or are looking for a new guild family we are the people for you!
Im interested Mootpoint(Warrior) /Drakyrie (Hunter)
IDK how much help I would be. But if you will accept my application, I would like to do what I can for the Guild.
sent you a bnet request im interested in joining as a dk

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