Neilyo or Reckful

vanish coil > gouge blink imo.
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vanish coil > gouge blink imo.

Durrr one is anticipation the other is timing.

Watch Akrios's part in six silent shadows.
Original, I'm suprised noone in this forum mentioned him.. he beat Khuna, Reckful, and Neilyo plenty of times :D
Both, two very different style rogues, both are very good and mastered the class.

Honorable mentions Woundman, Akrios, Ming.
I have to differentiate vanilla/BC rogue from wotlk/cata/mop/wod rogue.

Neilyo is the only player who comes to mind that was head and shoulders above all contemporaries in both eras. I would rank him tied at first place with Hydra for the top WoW PvPer of all time.

Pikaboo was also the best in the world by a substantial margin for two expansions, until he stopped wanting to be. His level of dominance was similar to what Neilyo achieved, but he didn't sustain it for nearly as long.
If you change the conversation from "who was the best Rogue" to "who made the best Rogue videos" then there are all kinds of names that deserve to be included in that conversation.

There are some obvious ones that have been thrown around in this thread, deservedly so: Happyminti, Dahis, and others.

I'll also add Caen to that list, who most of you probably don't know but should:
Best Rogue all in all I think it is Neil, he was just so methodical in the way he played. Not to mention how he bound his keybinds and his macros. He was a very intelligent player, and everything was calculated before he did it. My vote goes to Neil
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I'm always grateful for that time Varick told me to go watch Khuna 4, specifically the opening scene.

The way he recovers from the 1v1 situation with the Feral in the opening scene is absolutely brilliant. It is not possible to play the Rogue class any better than he played it in that situation. Every PvP rogue should study that clip.
My own 3 minutes in the spotlight (me and my friend Zack vs Glinkz and Nomanz. Clip is from Glinkz PoV):
The thing about Neilyo was he seemed to get less OP as general player skill increased through the expansions, and a good bit of footage in his vids is against no name randoms, whereas Reckful's vids were pretty much exclusively against other Glads/r1's.

Not to take anything away from Neilyo though, dude was amazing. I think his prime was through TBC and Reckful's was WotLK>Cata. Woundman was also great, but when both he and Reckful were at the top his team got farmed by Reckful's, even with comp advantage (Wound was q'ing RLS, Reck RMP, IIRC).

I don't really think any one of them was worse or better than the other. They all had different playstyles and could beat each other in duels all the same. Reckful was just very good at thinking and playing outside the box, pushing the envelope when it came to what rogues are capable of, and pulling off some insane stuff. This is why he stands out above the others for me, although by a very slim margin from Neilyo. Marm (AT rogue) may very well be better than all of them, there just isn't as much footage and he only shined in WotLK arena AFAIK.

Also, Neilyo and Akrios both played as recently as WoD. I remember Venruki queuing 2's with Neilyo on a rogue named Kidcudi (IIRC), and Akrios was Akrios but the letters were all scrambled around.
Every rogue mentioned in this forum post has stolen techniques, from the true grand master rogue.. I have caused more nerfs than anyone in the history of this game, that directly correlated to only affect my toon.

I am the best rogue that ever was. No one will ever do what I have done. I don't see any other rogue with a NPC in wow. I am a myth. I am a mystery. And that will always be the case.

I shall go back to the shadows. Even the gm who just gave me free time to make this post knew who I was..

P..s. Ming was actually amazingly terrible. I killed him consistently. reckful, pikaboo, woundman, nielyo all used my techniques. They did not create any techniques, they merely were my fan boys. Saifu did it first, and no one ever came close. You can combine all these rogues into 1 character, and still not have the majority of my techniques. I have kept the majority of them secret. NONE off my stealth secrets were ever stolen, because you cannot steal what you cannot see.
ming wasn't that good he just had the best gear
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Got here before me, take the upvote dammit.
wasn't the best/wasn't the worst but he was the teacher, to me at least.

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