906ilvl 8/10M Enhancement Shaman LF Guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment

I am a 906ish Enhancement Shaman from Frostmourne. My real ID is Misnthropia#1567

I am currently looking for a strong raiding guild that takes it's raid time seriously but can also appreciate that it's a game and allows a bit of banter and fun. I will be looking for a guild with my friend Grom who is a Hunter and his post can be found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754907093

I have been trialling with Adorable for the past two months* but due to a heavy melee roster and being a bit behind on gear I just havent got a spot.
At the time of joining I was just over 890iLvl with ZERO mythic progression or experience in Nighthold. Adorable took me based on my willingness to put in the effort and prior experience and attitude and I thank them for that.

I am a very competitive player who loves challenges and strives to better themselves. I am extremely familiar with and love using Simcraft and Warcraft Logs to pick apart myself to ensure I am doing the best I can.

I am happy to consider any race/server combinations. If you're from Alliance Barth, I do request lube upon transfer.

  • 51 Artifact Traits
  • 906ilvl equipped with most legendaries
  • Looking for around the 8-11pm AEST raid time 3/4 days a week. Please dont message me with your Singapore 11pm-3 am raid guild.
  • I am currently 8/10 M Nighthold, and only reached 2/7 Mythic EN.
  • I ended HFC with 12/13M pre pre-patch, and 13/13M post pre-patch.
  • I need to speak to officers before I trial. I want a guild that I can stick around in. I want to be able to have a very frank conversation with an officer and will obviously need to answer and ask some questions.
  • Hi Misnthropia, saw your friend's post (Grom). We're 5/10M & LFM DPS to fill the roster. We raid Wed, Thurs & Mon at 11PM SVT (Hope that's not too late for you).

    Hit me up if you're interested on Discord: https://discord.gg/N6U7YJw or on Bnet: Vlaeren#1178
    Youve deadset added me about 600 times in the last few months.

    If you bothered to read:

    Please dont message me with your Singapore 11pm-3 am raid guild.
    we're Australasian salmon a horde mythic raiding guild based on caelastraz/nagrand currently at 4/10m progression we have enough room for both you and your friend.

    our raiding times are thursdays and mondays 7-9pm AEST for mythic and wednesday 7-pm for heroic with alt raids on saturday 8-pm.

    If interested feel free to contact me lapiza#6479 and i can put you through to our officers or GM.

    Hey Misnthropia we are a aus/nz guild with 2 teams,
    3 nights team 1, 10/10 mythic nh
    2 nights team 2 6/10 mythic nh
    both raid 6-9 aest
    sign up or have a chat to one of our officers if you are interested :).
    Hey Mis,
    Australian Made (Frostmourne, Alliance 3/10M) is currently recruiting a tank, healer and DPS for our core Mythic team for NH & Tomb.
    We are a laid back, semi-hardcore WA based late night raiding guild (GMT +8), our raid times are 9pm-12.30pm ST (7pm-10.30pm local time) Wednesday and Thursday, with an optional Monday heroic farm night.
    If you're interested check out our recruitment post (link below).
    We would love to have a chat with you and offer you and your counterpart a trial. :)
    05/25/2017 05:06 AMPosted by Furiousdazz
    Hey Misnthropia we are a aus/nz guild with 2 teams,
    3 nights team 1, 10/10 mythic nh
    2 nights team 2 6/10 mythic nh
    both raid 6-9 aest
    sign up or have a chat to one of our officers if you are interested :).

    Probably a bit early for me mate.

    Thanks anyway. Still looking.
    Think I spoke to your hunter friend, sorry for spam if so.

    <Magnitude> on Barthilas 8/10, getting elis down to p3 so that will go down soon. Wed/Thur/Mon 7-10.

    Hermitxd#1986 bnet
    Hermit#5275 - Discord
    Hey Misnthropia.

    We over at <Caffeinated> on Saurfang could be the guild your looking for. We are a pretty chill, and banter-filled group. We're looking for people who want join us in our ambitions for good steady progression into ToS and beyond. Whilst we have not made headroads into Mythic NH, we do have plans to hit the ground running for ToS.

    These are inedeed Core Raiding spots also. We want to assemble an amazing A team. We are always looking for ambitious players to help the team. It sounds like your playing ethic would fit it well with our current group, maybe you think so too?

    Our Raiding Schedule:
    Wednesday 7-11pm SVT
    Thursday 7-11pm SVT

    Morte detail on us @ https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755725844

    Feel free to contact me in-game or even on discord on @Tyriall#6074. My BattleTag is MichaelMan#1124.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Hey there!

    Here is a link to our recruitment post to fill you in on all the bits and bobs about our guild. I would be very interested in having a chat with you about stealing you for our guild.
    Please have a read and contact me on my btag listed in the post if it's something you would be interested in!


    Mel :)
    Twisted Haven (Aman'Thul Alliance) 10/10M is looking for skilled players

    We raid 3 times a week.
    9pm-12am GMT+8 (Wed, Thurs, Sun)
    12mn-3am AEST / Oceanic Server Time

    If our timings are ideal for you, please contact Dthero#1911 or Mycra#1827 or apply at http://twistedhaven.guildlaunch.com
    Zero Empathy's team <Infinite Apathy> is interested in YOU to bolster its ranks for the coming tier, 5/10M Team currently seeking all exceptional Players! We are a progression focused team striving to the best of our capabilities in each tier achieving the highest goals in the raid tier!
    Our website: http://zeroempathyguild.com
    Raid nights are
    -Weds:/7pm-10pm SVT
    -Fri:/7pm-10pm SVT
    -Sun:/7pm-10pm SVT

    The team came late into Nighthold Tier, but has strived hard to get where we are now and will be having a strong outlook in the coming for ToS, if our raid times don't fit your schedule we have another team that you could potentialy look at joining!

    8/10M team also that raids;
    -Weds:/7pm-10pm SVT
    -Thurs:/7pm-10pm SVT
    -Mon:/7pm-10pm SVT

    If you would like to talk further:
    My bnet is Skargrim#1387! feel free to add me and have a chat! :)
    Hey mate,

    Australian/Korean Frostmourne [A] <Nautical> (7/10M) is currently recruiting dps for our last few weeks of Mythic NH progression and Heroic ToS once available. Our currently raid times are Wed,Thur and Sun 8:30pm-10:30pm SVT. If interested please feel free to add me on btag: Kablamzz#1913 if interested and any question you have in mind

    Kind Regard
    Hey Misnthropia,

    My name's Trashboat - officer for <Prime>. I Would like to talk a bit about our guild <Prime> a Horde Guild on Barthilas, we raid 7:15pm Server Time 2 times a week. We frequently host impromptu raids outside of Raid Times & push high level keys daily. We're currently looking for more skilled and friendly players to add to our roster to push through ToS and beyond.

    Raid Schedule (7:15pm until 10pm+ ST)

    7:15PM-10PM+ Wednesday Progression Raid
    7:15PM-10PM+ Monday Progression Raid

    We understand real life matters occur and people have outside commitments so should you need to leave a raid early or by a certain time we understand and are easy going about it.

    Guild Progression

    - 6/10 M NH
    - 10/10 H NH
    - 3/3 H TOV
    - 6/7 M EN

    Please let me know if you're interested in game, or PM on Bnet.

    Caine (Recruitment Officer)
    Banethor (Banethor#11159)
    Wetpally (WetPixel#1853)
    Träshboät (Snowy#1692)
    Fdoug (slowbaked#6438)

    Looking forward to your reply. :D
    Currently 7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV, 9/10M NH; looking for dps and heals for Mythic NH.

    Raid Times
    Wednesday, Sunday, Monday 8:30pm-11:30pm AEST (Server Time)

    Looking for
    Tanks: FULL
    Healers: Open, DPS Offspec is also a plus.
    Melee DPS: Open.
    Range DPS: Hunter, Mage, Boomkin.

    All exceptional players will be considered.

    Minimum ilvl 900 with 50 artifact traits.

    All other classes will be considered.

    What we expect
    - Consistent attendance to raid nights
    - Knowledge of class that you are playing
    - Prior research to raid encounters
    - Able to accept and learn from criticism
    - Not create drama
    - Listen and demonstrate what is asked of you
    - Be prepared for raid

    Please fill in this little 'about me' for us to get to know you if you are interested in our guild :)

    Add any officer to chat:

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