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I remember the night they shut down the original Beta server. I was laughing so hard my husband came over to watch. I wish I had screen shots. The gm's got to run riot on demons and whatnot attacking everyone. They were invading the cities. Our highest levels came to save us, but were no match. It was awesome, with the countdown timer counting down to the end.
You're old school if ...

You remember run-throughs and how epic they were.
Everybody always remembers Stitches as part of that long quest chain but it was another quest in that line that made me never want to touch that whole area again. (Not that I don't have 'fond' memories of choosing worg infested woods over sharing road space with a slow moving creature composed of rotting carcasses).

The hermit, the one you were an unwitting accomplice for to bring destruction upon the living, had a wife who had passed away. In order to bring her back he ripped out his own, still beating heart and stuck it in her. This brought her back alright, unfortunately with the small downside of being a flesh craving zombie. So, he did what any person would do with an uncontrollable spouse wanting to eat the neighbors.

He buried her by his hut.

As one does, obviously.

Then we, easily bribed as we are, are sent to dig her up and get her beating heart to drag back to town as the final hammer to that whole dark saga.

Old Duskwood from start to finish was like doing a gothic horror story on steroids. I'm trying to think of one quest that could be qualified as fun (i.e. lighthearted) from the old zone and I just can't.
The shaman water totem quest with no mount and maybe ghostwolf but ghost wolf was only like 20% speed increase.

Dont forget having to carry your totems and cast each one seperately.
I remember giant pvp brawls on raid nights for MC/BWL. Corpse hopping into the instance, because I played Alliance on Illidan and it was dominated by Blood Legion (Horde).
when actual content came out you could do in a patch instead of 11 weeks with 1 quest per week to stretch it out without actually adding anything

and AV that took hours to complete
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05/15/2017 08:58 AMPosted by Rofflestomp
Lol my first ever toon on launch day was a NE hunter. Having to take the boat to Theramore and then basically corpse run through alligators and crap to get to Ironforge to meet up with the rest of the guild.

My friends and I always landed in the Wetlands and made a tour of the countryside to run a lowbie/alt to Ironfroge, then subsequently the tram to get to Stormwind.

Those capital runs were some of the most unpredictable times in the game, but still some of my fondest memories. We'd stack up in a party, if possible, and create a bodyguard escort. Survival was not always guaranteed. lol

There were those elite orcs when you took the tunnel from Loch Modan to Wetlands. I don't think I ever made a clean run through them.
Oh I remember weapon skills alright. Warriors had this great questline in vanilla, at around level 35. You had to kill elementals and then a powerful boss to get the Whirlwind weapons, which not only looked good but were far and away the best armaments you could get for 10+ levels. I finally manage to do it with the help of a passing level 56; yay, I got my shiny new axe!

...then I wept as it was useless since I've been using swords since I was level 10. Time to grind for who knows how long until I can actually use it at level. And redo the same thing again when I got the Ice Barbed Spear from AV. To tell the truth it was a pretty big moment killer.

I also remember when you didn't even get a mount before level 40, and you had to pool 100g to even grab it, which at the time was a lot. For classes that had no movement skills, like Warriors, that took ages. I was reduced to charging critters to get around faster...
I had an Orc hunter on Boulderfist. While in Duskwood looking for Ally's to gank, I got ganked by this spirit wolf. Lupos, i think. He was only about level 20 and I was about 24 or so, but he cleaned my clock. I managed to find him again and freeze him so I could tame him. We became the scourge of the new Warsong Gulch. As it turned out he did shadow damage and no one had any shadow resistance. Man that was fun. Then Blizz nerfed him and took away the shadow damage. Fun detected, fun removed, job done.
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I remember having to REGRIND those when you changed specs..
That's just sadistic of Blizz, must have been a beta or very early post launch thing because I don't remember that.
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When horde crashed a party for someone who died irl.

The main guild involved in attacking was alliance, "funeral" from horde side. That guild was more or less KoS for the entire horde, but not because of that. Some of the horde already knew they were coming.
05/16/2017 06:05 PMPosted by Terou
I remember a lot of this. And people want nostalgia servers back. Heh'.

But I remember having to camp in The Barrens for hours to tame Humar the PrideLord, who to this day, is still the companion you see my Hunter with 95% of the time.

Hell, you can see him in my #1 slot right now on the new Armory page. Cool.

I remember back in the day on my NE hunter shadowmelding near the white lion quest mob Echeyakee waiting for anyone to come along and summon him (he could only be summoned form a quest item and it was horde only). Once someone finally showed up I was able to communicate through only emotes that I wanted to tame him, and the guy let me do it, it was fantastic I was one of the only Alliance around for a long time who had a white lion.
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Buying reagents for Pala Blessings and Priest buffs...

I still have maple seed I think somewhere

edit: just checked, still do and have Starleaf Seed. My other toons probably have the mats for buffs as well, wonder if these go for anything on the AH to collectors?
When our devs actually played on a PC and not a tablet.
Each pet had a certain diet and my cat only seemed to like meats. Hunter deadzone. respeccing too many times made me broke. I used to use mana...
Warriors' thunder clap skill did nature damage.
What's this Blood of Heroes?
sons of arugal in silverpine
I Logged in my horde hunter which I hadn't played in a long while just before legion.

Had to replace his quiver.
Old crafting patterns from ZG that needed special mats from the raid! I remember going back in on a miner to mine Souldarite and an herbalist going in for Bloodvine! I still have them in the bank, they are now worthless grey items.

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