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05/16/2017 07:40 PMPosted by Èsui
I for one, doubt i can get Glad mount even if i dedicate myself 100% into it

a person could 100% dedicate themselves to ranked PvP and if they have the skills could make it to glad on any given season.

Bold for emphasis.
It still makes the Glad mount hardest to obtain.
05/16/2017 07:28 PMPosted by Necrophobia
05/16/2017 07:22 PMPosted by Genesect
...The HH mount is pure RNG and you can farm it with as many characters as you want during the event. A huge percentage of players have it. There is no difficultly involved at all, only RNG. Gladiator mounts on the other hand are most definitely the most difficult mounts to obtain in-game. I don't see how you couldn't understand that.

Good luck getting the HH mount the other 50 weeks of the year..

You can get carried in pvp, you know this right?

You seriously can't be this dense. You cannot get carried to rank 1 gladiator.
I have to say the swift spectral tiger either spend over 3 to 5k for the card or at least 2 million gold if found on the ah.
05/16/2017 08:06 PMPosted by Azerothwolf
I have to say the swift spectral tiger either spend over 3 to 5k for the card or at least 2 million gold if found on the ah.
The swift spectral tiger got duped a LOT. So considering the swift and normal came from the same card i'd say that the normal is infact harder to get.
05/16/2017 07:10 PMPosted by Necrophobia
How are glad mounts more difficult?

If I have a mount, it's not "difficult" to get. Just maybe a bit time consuming and/or luck dependent. I have the HH mount, the Big Love Rocket, and even the Infinite Timereaver. But I will never, ever have a gladiator mount because I completely and totally suck at PvP (and the game in general).
Most mounts are luck based. That's not really difficult, just random. I agree with others, gladiator mounts take work and you're going against other players, adding actual difficulty.
There are different definitions of "hard", which leads me to give 4 different answers to this question:

Hardest skill-based mount: Gladiator mounts (honestly goes without saying)

Hardest RNG mount: Love Rocket (Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent gets honorable mention)

Hardest grind: Heavenly Azure cloud Serpent (if you are starting a fresh account, this will take you a year, minimum)

Hardest in the history of the game: The retired Vanilla mounts (for these, you needed to reach max level and acquire 1000 gold before patch 1.4, and then you had to not trade them in for the armored versions afterward.)
For holiday drop mounts the Hardest mount to get with the lowest drop rate Love Rocket by far. More people have the Headless Horseman mount.
As for other mounts
loot cards it would be the swift spectral tiger
PVP it would be any of the BC arena mounts
Old mounts no longer obtainable would be Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal and some of the removed faction mounts
Boss drop mount would have to be the Sha of Anger the Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent I haven't included the mount off Gul'dan in Nighthold due to it been current
05/16/2017 07:04 PMPosted by Necrophobia
LOL how is this downvoted?

some people just downvote because they wish they had that mount??? lol I have no idea why some things get downvoted...
05/16/2017 07:08 PMPosted by Calrissian
Considering you gave no criteria I would say the hardest mount to obtain are ones you can't obtain anymore. For ones you can obtain then the gladiator mounts easily are the most difficult.

I'm just here to say that the phrase "easily the most difficult" makes me giggle.
I would say the love rocket. It's only available 2 weeks a year and has an insanely low drop rate.
Most likely the original mounts from Vanilla.

Some mounts got "removed" and updated.

you could trade old one in for updated one iirc.

I am sure somebody in the world actually kept there original one.

Apart from that event ones which arent obtainable anymore

and harder to get that is obtainable is msot likely archeology tol'vir one, world boss ones with a like .01% drop rate, or ones that literally require RNG (like timelost proto or voidtalon)
05/16/2017 07:14 PMPosted by Necrophobia
05/16/2017 07:11 PMPosted by Genesect
...Are you really asking how gladiator mounts are more difficult to get than the HH mount? Really?

Uh yeah really..

If you're a pvp pro then it's not hard, if you want a mount that looks similar then get the one from icc for doing all the achievements.

Trying to get a mount thats only available 2 weeks out of the year seems a helluva lot harder as it's a very small window.

Based on last season's Gladiator cutoff (2580), less than 40 people right now would get Gladiator across ALL US realms for Legion S3 (http://www.arenamate.net/?region=US&realm=&rating=2500&ladder=3v3&faction=). Arena participation is at an all time low and the people at the top end are, more often than not, diehards arena players with many years of top end experience, who are beyond immensely skilled.

To get a Glad mount now, you'd have to get yourself to that level and take somebody's spot. That's *ridiculously* hard. You can't just break into arenas and decide you want to be a Glad and get a mount.

There was a time when Arena population was really high and people weren't so hyper skilled (this would be back in BC, when Arenas were a new thing) that you could, with some talent, make a dream like that a reality, but today, forget about it.

This season they'll grant approximately 1 Gladiator mount for every 25000 accounts that have earned Legion Flying. How can you compare that to the Headless Horseman mount?

And how can you make the argument that if you want a glad mount, get one of it's normal variations without the armor and that which makes it special? If that's your serious argument, an equally valid argument to wanting a HH mount would be to tell you to level a warlock and buy a Codex off the auction house for Green Fire. The Felsteed with Green Fire looks like a close enough approximation of the HH mount, by your criteria certainly.

I know you edited it to say "besides pvp mounts", but still.
05/16/2017 08:54 PMPosted by Slayx
I know you edited it to say "besides pvp mounts", but still.

got em
I agree with the gladiator mounts here.

Headless Horseman is just RNG. The boss himself is easily puggable, so I wouldn't call the mount "hard" to obtain.

I've been farming Rivendare's mount for like 10 years and have @@@#!!!% squat to show for it, but that doesn't mean it's harder to obtain than the gladiator mounts.
05/16/2017 07:17 PMPosted by Necrophobia
05/16/2017 07:12 PMPosted by Calrissian
Because they require true skill and not RNG to obtain.

Anyways. For obtainable mounts excluding pvp mounts the Arcadian war turtle currently has the lowest percentage out of any other mount. Though thats just due to it's recency.

I think the 2nd dragon boss in that cata dungeon..forget the name..but it has a 0.3% drop chance I think.

Oh that one. back in cata I said to a friend I hope it drops. He replies, it only drops in heroic.
Me: Not according to atlas loot. Says normal and heroic.
Him :It only drops on heroic man.
Me: I am going to laugh if it drops and I win the roll.
Him: Whatever man.
We get there and what drops... drake of the south wind. Or whatever its name is. He rolls a 1 and I roll a 100. Everyone else rolled less than 30. He still has not seen that mount drop again. Although he did stop playing awhile back...

Another friend has been trying for years to get the headless horsemans mount. I get on the last day of the event and it drops. I think this was back in MoP. I feel bad for him though.
Zuliant Tiger mount....because it's unobtainable...specify hardest. Invincible is hard to farm because its 1%. The tomb of sargeras mythic mount will be hard as well.
I see a lot of butthurt PvP players, all the ones who dont mention the PvP mounts are thumbed down while the ones who mention the glad mounts are thumbed up.

Id say there is as much RNG in PvP, considering the auto match system. You could theoretically get super lucky and get matched up with inferior opponents/comps in every match to give you a high enough ranking to earn one. you could say, its a 1% chance.
the original epic mounts, gladiator mounts, black AQ bug, swift shorestrider, white riding camel, big love rocket, MOP world boss drops & Rukhmar
05/16/2017 07:12 PMPosted by Calrissian
true skill


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