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Wyrmrest Accord
The Legion has decimated The Caravan’s forces once more! Lives have been lost, others scattered. Only the most hardy remain. As they continue to re-enforce the echoes of time in Nighthold, their eye is upon what will come next.

Word is placed in the less frequented inns and taverns. Silver ensures that eyes will be on the lookout for those seeking a home in the battles to come. Eyes seeking hardy individuals with a shield on their back, casters, healers, or those that look to carry themselves well in a fight. Yet instructions are clear, those that show spirit, guts for learning, a burning in them to test themselves – those too, should have The Caravan mentioned to them, certain names dropped into open ears.

Will you be one drawn close over the bar or asked to allow the Innkeep to sit at your side for a time?

ToS is approaching! If you are wanting to main a tank, DFC has a spot! We also have openings for casters. One healer would be welcome, but needs a solid dps off-spec for nights that we do not field the entire group. We are continuing to run NH for gear, so if your spec needs gear, now is the time.

If you are a seasoned veteran, DFC does emphasize execution. If you are a novice, or returning after a long absence, you will find a welcome reception. We enjoy training, so if you gave it a shot once and were frustrated with a lack of help, or felt you just hit a wall, we encourage you to give it another go. We have veteran raiders that went from zero experience in any games to competency that understand the challenges a lack of background brings to the table. If you are a veteran that enjoys sharing your passion for raiding, and are looking for a more relaxed pace, we have a place for you.

We are a full-immersion RP guild with a running guild arc. DFC provides a blend between the two pillars of gaming and storytelling. So, if you’ve always had an interest in RP, but couldn’t invest the time because of the pace the game requires, DFC is the perfect opportunity to explore RP without having to miss things because of your raiding schedule. Every member is on the same schedule, and events are scheduled around our forays into the pockets. If you are an RP’er with an interest in raiding, well, that is DFC’s roots.

You may contact any member of DFC mentioning that you were told by the Innkeep of your choice that we were looking. Those well versed in recruitment are: Betilla, Ursuola, and Mossclaw. We welcome questions.

Hours of Raiding are: Monday/Wednesday 7-10pm, Server

Mythic + runs: Saturday 8:30pm, Server

Normal run: currently Tuesday, 7-10pm, Server

Website is: dfc.guildlaunch.com Drop into the visitor’s forum for more info regarding the guild.

Legion story arc can be found here (wip): http://dfc.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11217793&start=0&gid=287297
Good ole bumparino.

Come chat even if you're a little interested. You can even talk to me. I'm not that edgy for a Demon Hunter.
You can also be part of a pro Overwatch team.

Just saying.
Urs, why am I removed from the Overwatch team?

Back to the topic at hand... ~.^

ToS seems a long way off (in WoW years), but before you know it we'll be in it! So if you have a creative itch to scratch, and you would enjoy being part of a long-term team come speak with us. DFC offers a unique blend of play and a welcome place to hang your hat.
We don't do much pet battling as a guild.

Thought it fair to be upfront about that.
I've been around the Caravan for nearly 4 years now, but I have also seen my share of guilds that seem great at the beginning and then fizzle out after a few months. It's a great place to be, especially if you are looking for something more long term.
Little did I know when I began to recruit that I was starting down the path of one heck of an enriching journey. The intersection point of rp and raiding offers a very fertile ground to learn a lot about yourself if you are open to the experience.

I encourage anyone who has an interest in the two to seek us out. There are specific roles we need, but there is room for all. It is a very immersive experience to be an RPer in a guild in which all members raid. Come join us in the pockets and help hammer the echoes of time home, keeping Azeroth safe from the mightiest of threats!
Anyone looking for a place to rp and raid you are welcome here. we do a large amount of rp and are willing to teach new raiders the ropes, we are clearing H NH each week and doing achievement runs as well.
Speaking of being pro at Overwatch, the season is ending soon. If you like golden guns and haven't gotten your rank yet, you only have a few more days to do so.

Oh, and we're also still recruiting, but I'm sure you're not here for that.
The Caravan took me under its wing when I was down on my luck and trying to catch up. After a few months of raiding and RP with them, I can't see myself anywhere else. DFC is a great group of players who want you to feel at home and enjoy the game for everything it can be. If you're looking for a welcoming guild to help you take take the next steps in your WoW journey, look no further.
To love DFC is to love life.
Still looking for a healer with a solid dps off-spec. Tank position filled. We remain light on Ranged dps, but as always the person is more important than the role.

So if you are interested, we are still seeking.
Two more weeks, and we only have one ranged. Clearly, RPers prefer melee. <lol>

Come keep our Mage and Healing team company!
We're opening a spot for one tank once more. Come get hit in the face for us!
We're taking this week off, so now is a great time to RP in as we are building up our arc for ToS.

Still need a tank, some ranged, but still welcoming of all.
Still looking for some ranged and one tank to round out the roster. Can accommodate 2 dps, 1 tank.
Still open to tanks, dps. We are fully stocked on healers. I hope this does not jinx that. >.<
We are also a wonderful home to help you learn to raid, pvp, RP and help you continue to grow as a player in our community, not just the guild.
Still seeking tanks. Other roles filled. Naturally, if a guild with a running arc is a checkbox on your shopping list, head on over to dfc.guildlaunch.com .

If what you see interests you further, contact any of the following: Mossclaw, Ursuola, or Betilla.

Enjoy ToS, everyone! \o/
Tanks! <cue hysterical laughter> Tanks!

Need two independently wealthy Tanks. <nods fervently>

Edited to add: That would go w/out food before missing a joyous eve of tanking!

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