Bad things from the Glory Days.

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-No xmog.

-Weapon skills.

-No flying.

-Profession leveling being a way worse grind. I just didn't do profs until MoP then WoD made them less painful tbh.

-Resistance in general, both for players and on bosses.

-Life before dailies (which mostly got going in late BC and Wrath) was hard for the more casual player I was back then.

-Flight paths not auto-connecting! How could I forget that one. So much time passed while alt-tabbed...

-Not playing a class that can CC during the heydays of BC Heroics.

-You think Legion is alt unfriendly? Try a version of the game where alts take 10x more time to level at least.




Mace skill: 4

Well crap...
Why explain when there is a song that points everything bad about the good ole days?
That Damn dance in Naxx!!! I can't dance in RL or this game /:
05/17/2017 02:13 PMPosted by Khurgun
I remember the dark times before clams stacked.
underrated post
Players could only have one spell of a type on themselves. Assuming a raid of 5 of each playable class, only the highest geared priest could cast renew on the MT. Every other one would get the "A more powerful spell is already active" message. Druids had it worse. Rejuvenation and regrowth both were HoTs, so we couldn't cast them on someone with a better version.
Rep grinds being even worse than they are now
Raids requiring specific classes in order to progress
No personal loot
40 man raids where if you're missing one person, you can't raid.
Bikini-mog was even worse than it was now
Gaudy armor designs with gross color schemes
No transmog
Only three hunter pet slots
Untamable Devilsaurs
Gnome not being able to play any role besides DPS
Mailbox dancing
Needing Ammo
Non accountbound mounts
Not being able to mount until lvl 40ish
Mounts being horrendously expensive
I hated running out of arrows miles away from a place where I could even purchase any
Automatically Dismounting when you hit water and also being told 'You are mounted' when you try to attack something, rather than it just automatically dismounting you.
I would say one of the worst things WoW ever did in the glory day was the RP intro to the sarfang fight in ICC. Sure it is annoying g even to this day to wait through, but when it was fresh you had to sit through it every single wipe.
Stacking resist gear for one specific boss, and giving up on those juicy BiS items just to survive.

Unsure if anyone else struggled, but my group back when had a hard time with Sindragosa without all the ilvl200 Frost Resist gear you could craft.
Heroic dungeons in Cata.

The first Brewfest.

The first Hallows End.

Questing & raiding with my wife (who passed away).
No auto loot.
05/16/2017 04:35 PMPosted by Argunon
For me, it's Wrath arcane mages and TBC destruction warlocks: no class should feel obligated to go into a spec where they only have one button to press in their entire rotation.

Arcane can go back to that with the helm/bracer legendary combo. You're basically in burn phase for 4.5 minutes.

Good for parsing, bad for staying awake.
Falling through the world in vanilla WoW and TBC when feared by a Warlock....
Fogger boss. Killed so many.
05/16/2017 04:41 PMPosted by Dreadfury
A boss that was literally impossible in every way, shape, and form without a Frost mage.

Looking at you, Viscidus.

Frost Oil
Use: When applied to a melee weapon it gives a 10% chance of casting Frostbolt at the opponent when it hits. Lasts 30 minutes. Cannot be applied to items higher than level 165.
Requires Level 30
Sell Price: 1 50
As a shaman, I was so excited to get a CC in WotLK so I could actually DPS dungeons instead of being forced to heal five mans and then nobody CC'd anymore.

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