I really REALLY miss Frost Fire Bolt

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Yeah, I miss having more off-spec versatility. It seemed much more thematically appropriate as a mage than I am now. Unfortunately, Frostfire Bolt was made at the same time that Blizzard was doing away with immunities to specific elements. I think there's one kind of ice elemental that's immune to frost somewhere in Borean Tundra and that's it.

But it also leads to a weird disconnect between player mages and NPC ones. We're told that frostfire doesn't make any sense, but the torches in the west wing of the mage hall are lit with icy fire. Part of the order hall quest chain had you killing Legion mages that could cast Fel Frostfire Blizzards. You see apprentice mages practicing with all three elements. In the mage version of the Broken Shore base, you see a few mages combining arcane, fire and frost together right above the little pool.

Not to mention, Blazing Barrier sucks. I don't like that it's on my main spec's element, and to make it fire-themed they slashed the absorption on it and added a useless thorns effect instead. I miss the flexibility of being able to choose my own armor spell instead.
05/26/2017 11:06 AMPosted by Tristany

All that was thrown in the garbage when they dumped the talent trees they called "bad and without choices"...

The irony here is that nearly every class has mandatory talents in almost every single talent tier and no actual choices.
You know what guys, it's flavor either way lol.

I have had some time now to reflect on our discussions before about flavor following the prune, and this really is how things are.

It is hybrid flavor versus pure flavor basically, and how you want the specs to be in this way is going to depend greatly on how you feel about flavor in general.

Do you like it better when a spec is pure, and where if you see Blizzard for example, then you know it's a Frost Mage, or do you prefer to have hybrid flavor, where you are using all schools, but are just more focused on a specific one???

There really is no wrong answer the way I see it, since both ways obviously work, and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For the time being I am leaning more towards hybrid flavor myself, mostly because I think that bringing back hybrid specs would be a good idea, and you couldn't really have it be pure any longer if that was to happen.

The big question though as I see it, is what is Blizzard going to do?
I use Frostfire remembrance as my artifact appearance, and ya, I do miss it being perfectly honest.

I miss Blazing Speed quite a bit more though.....
Miss all old FREE talent tree =(
RIP 5.4 Ele Sham, Destruction Lock, Arms Warrior, Shadow/Disc Priest

I still miss you, all these years later.

Gonna go cry in a corner, now.

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