Warlock class hall portal broken

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So I left the class hall through the portal, received a no loading bar load screen. This lasted for 30 seconds. After that I ran up the stairs for about 5 seconds, then another one of these no loading bar screens appeared which basically froze the same and wouldn't let me tab out or do anything. So I tried task manager, it wouldn't pop up because of warcraft, so I held down the alt and tab keys so that cycling of my 3 things would stay up and used that to close the bnet app and spam clicked the X button on warcraft and it eventually closed the game. Last time I had this happen I had to hard reset my computer. This ONLY happens with warcraft before anyone says it's something to do with my computer.
Have you tried posting in the tech forum? This doesn't sound like it's widespread as there will be a lot of post talking this - at least on here it'll be posted a lot.

That sounds rather annoying to have to deal with. Go ahead and run through the following for me.

* Reset UI (if you have Curse (now known as Twitch), Trade Skill Master, or WoWMatrix installed please uninstall them.

* Make sure your graphics card and OS are updated.

* You will also want to try running in selective startup to make sure there are no other programs that could be having a fight with WOW.

~ Zayssie

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