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Cata. Because it destroyed the Azeroth I knew and loved.
Warlord of Draenor is the worst it brought no new race, it had !@#$ dungeons, %^-* raids. It brought no new class no change in the world what so ever. The only thing that was good was I liked questing in the areas since it was quick and not just quests like get 10 bear hides. Also the garrison was fun to but the professions were !@#$, I barely made anything as a black smith since all the good %^-* required daily resets, like why the !@#$ should it take days to make ingots! Professions overall in draenor were %^-* and that's the main reason why the profession loot their is so cheap compared to other loot. However the other professions like cooking were more fun since instead of needing to go to a specific person at a specific place you just got the recipes when you leveled up, and fishing was actually more enjoyable then usually since you had different types of bait.

No other patch gave either no new character or class, and brought only 4 raids and barely any patches. The only thing that improved was the questing and garrisons
Warlords hands down.

Not only was crafting ruined and the quests average, it turned the game into an absolute grindfest. I capped and raided for a bit before calling it quits until BFA was announced. Legion was a definite improvement but not nearly as good as Wrath.
I honestly think I'd boost some characters for the sole reason of skipping WoD. It's that bad lol
Worst expansion: My waist line.

Reason: Ale.
Was kind of curious why BfA wasn't being listed, then realized this was Necrod, move over WoD you have some competition!
Not sure about worst, but I would not like to play Legion again. Artistically it was great and had enough content, but the overall experience and accomplishment feeling was bad due to the new game directions.

First of all, I didn't like garrisons and mission tables in WoD, so I immediately don't like those in Legion too.

Paragon was bad not because of the mount chances, but because you don't have additional grinding options, like killing elites or using tabards on dungeons, to boost the reputation gains. Repeting the same world quests for caches or mission tables over and over are too much of passive content.

World Quests in WoW are just disguised daily quests. On other games, world quests are public and random events where players help to complete a global goal for the map, but in WoW most objectives are individual and not a true global event.

It feels like developers heard about this world quests trend, but put into the game without even understanding the basic concepts of the system.

Mythic+ affixes being random is also a bit weird. I think they should be specific to each difficult in a progressive manner, but other than that, not much of a big deal.

It's nice to have a storyline but at some point you spend more time traveling, talking to npcs and watching cutscenes, or making instanced content, than actually grinding or killing stuff. I feel like WoW is getting more about passively watching things happen than grinding and slaying enemies. Cutscenes were overused in Legion, and some stuff were gated behind questlines, which was terrible for alts.

And of course, trivializing legendary items is never a good idea.

Legion brings fresh new mechanics and content to the game, which is great and the reason why so many people liked this expansion. But for me, all these mechanics and ideas are too bland and generic, even compared to other free to play games.

1. Warlords of Draenor was the first expansion I skipped completely, in terms of purchase. Nothing about it interested me. I was loosely aware of the Orc clans from WCII and with Draenor-as-Outland from BC, but it just looked like all the elements that least excite me about the Horde. Eventually, I played enough of it to see what the Garrison thing was but never really got far into Gorgrond before it lost my interest. Glad I saved my money.

2. Unpopular opinion, but Wrath of the Lich King. I hate Arthas, I hate the Scourge, I hate Northrend, and the few scraps of interesting bits this offered (deep background on Titans & Dwarf origins, and original Flying Dalaran) were not enough to compensate. It didn't matter if I started in Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord - both were awful, and only Grizzly Hills gave a modicum of relief. Icecrown was unmitigated misery. Never have cared for Death Knights. I keep trying to play one and just don't enjoy it at all.

3. Cataclysm. A mixed bag. Some re-imagined zones were in fact greatly improved. Many are much worse. Darkshore lost a huge chunk of exposition for Night Elf players on the nature and history of their race, and Ashenvale was tragic. I disliked losing the huge expanse of the Barrens unnecessarily. New races, but the starting zones being one long extended scenario felt claustrophobic to my explorer heart.

4. Burning Crusade. Actually deeply nostalgic for me, for a lot of reasons, but objectively it is clear in hindsight that as a first expansion, Blizzard still had a lot to learn about what to do with the opportunity. Hellfire Peninsula still feels purgatorial and way too long. Blade's Edge Mountains is also a big Meh to me, and the spiky rocks hurt my immersion, because geography, and gravity, and why would they be like that? And it's ugly. But the new races, and new starting zones, were excellent and genuinely expanded the game, and Blizzard clearly learned from their experience.

I did greatly enjoy Mists of Pandaria, I enjoyed Legion, and I am enjoying Battle for Azeroth, a few quibbles aside.

This turned into a ranking post, not what I set out to write. But it's late and I'll let it stand.
Wrath. It was the only xpac that made me unsub for years simply based on the pre-patch. DKs, really?! Was the name 'edgelord' copywritten already?

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