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Just got the bracers Greenskin's Waterlogged Wristcuffs. Was wondering how good they were. Not sure where any ranking list is, just got back into playing after some months off. Also, is there a rogue site that would have this sort of information? Thanks :)
I also just got them today. Supposedly they are solid for st fights but I believe there is a bit of a learning curve
Yeah I got them recently as well, and my ST dps has definitely improved! So yeah, there is a learning curve to working in Between the Eyes into your rotation but really the biggest struggle is rolling a TB ! That is your priority once you get Shoulders + Bracers ! Roll strategy is TB + anything or nothing OR 3 buffs of anything else. It's just very bittersweet for me... I've had attempts where I just happen to get a TB almost every time I re-roll which is *amazeballs*! but other times it's like FOREVER to get a TB and so far with my testing, you basically just HAVE to re-roll UNTIL you get a TB ! It really is that powerful for Outlaw :D
It's pretty damn good. Making your bunderness hits for 1.5-2m damage from like 400k.
By itself, they're 2nd BiS for Law (Mantle is first). If you combine them with Mantle, it's BiS for ST. When you're dealing with 2+ targets, especially for long duration adds/trash, Insignia of Ravenholdt overrides Bracers (with Mantle). For M+, especially with lower keys, Shivarran Symmetry overrides IoR (Ring) and GWW (Bracers) for trash and add fights (again w/Mantle). The RtB priority doesn't change, it essentially puts TB at a higher value and still keeps the others the same. So you still need to fish for TB and 3 buffs. Once you get the shoulders you can time vanishes with your BtE and Blunder proc's. For example, if you know you can get your Vanish back before the time your Blunder falls off, save it for Vanish. My Blunders currently hit for 3.2m from this.

Here's a reference for DPS:
895 Basline w/4pc: https://simulationcraft.org/reports/Raid_T19H_NH_Legendary.html

910 Baseline w/4pc: https://simulationcraft.org/reports/Raid_T19M_NH_Legendary.html

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