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I fit into whatever role you need, but prefer healing. I am looking for a guild that has organized raids, mythics, and enjoys each other's company. I would like to RP, but it's not a deal breaker... but preferred. A god guild is hard to find. I can be found on Lorosa or Ries. Please, seek me out if you're interested. A conversation before just a guild invite would be nice.
Hello there,
From reading your post, I think you would be a great fit in our community!
Veteres Animas is a guild focused on community and relationships in-game. If you are looking for a great place to socialize, enjoy content with others, and have good progress in raids, this a great guild for you. We are very relaxed here, and understand that this is a game and treat it as such, and not seriously. But use the game as an avenue for socializing, and forming friendships with others for years to come. We always look out for each other, and help each become a better player and person. If your looking for a long-term guild to call home and enjoy many expansions, late night giggles, heroic raiding, and lasting friendships. Look no farther, Veteres Animas is the place for you!!!

Raid Schedule:
Thursday @ 9:30pm – 11:30pm EST (6:30pm – 8:30pm PST)
Friday @ 9:30pm – 11:30pm EST (6:30pm – 8:30pm PST)

My battlenet is: Interminate#1893
I would like to discuss more with you about the guild and get know more about you via our Discord server, as well as come join us for one of our raid nights to see what we are about!
Hey add me and lets talk :] Slyx#1862

*Updated 5/20/17

Contact me at Slyx#1862

About the Guild
<Special Treatment> Is a stable guild, on the Hyjal server. Most of us have been raiding together since the beginning of Cataclysm. The guild is active during most times of the day/week. There are a lot of M+ key runs, BGs, and we hang out in discord. It's a great guild to call home. We have our main raid group and then recently I began recruiting for a 2nd raid group: The Offnight Raid Team. (Our main raid group is 4/10M NH 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV if interested: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754345566#1 )

About the Offnight Raid Team
This is a newer raid team within the guild. At the moment we are short a few core members. The idea behind this group is to have a slightly more relaxed attitude towards progression on our 5 hour schedule. By this I mean we will not be shooting for world firsts, but will raid at the teams pace and should be able to clear a few bosses on mythic every tier. I recommend that players be conscious we are building a team and that takes patience. Since the inception of the team began 3 months ago. With that in mind once we have a few more solid players we should move along smoothly. Really looking to hit the ground running when Tomb Of Sargeras releases.

Joining the Offnight Team.
If you are one of the classes listed below and interested in joining us, we do ask that you are ~885 ilvl or higher though there are exceptions for the right individual. The trial process consists of a few short questions I will ask to get a general sense of you as an individual and, as a player. We then ask that you do a trial run with us to see if you mesh well with the rest of team. (Unless of course you are x-ferring from Alliance) The Offnight Team is a completely separate entity from the Main Raid Team. I have the full intention of leading this team through Tomb of Sargeras, Argus content, and the entirety of the next xpac as well at the very least. We do not bring main raiders with us and give them loot priority. Main raiders have the option to bring a main to help or, to commit an alt to the team. Each and every person on the roster will be dedicated to the team on that character. The Offnight Team is not and will never be a farm group.

What are we looking for?
We are seeking dedicated members who enjoy playing the game. People with not only the ability to improve but the desire to do so. Raid awareness and consistant attendance are two qualities we highly value in any raider. Personally I have been in the guild since December 2010 when Cataclysm dropped. We want players looking for a raid team but also for a guild to call home. If this sounds like the right place for you I hope to hear from you.

Offnight Team Raid Schedule
Wed/Sat 7:30-10p.m (PST)
Offnight Team Progress
7/10H Nighthold, 10/10N Nighthold.

Offnight Team Recruitment
-Death Knight(High)
-Demon hunter(High)

-Monk (Low)
-Priest (Med)

-Guardian Druid
-Blood DK
(Have 1 core spot open. We have a DPS who fills in for the mean time.)

I checked on you on your server but didn't see you on either character. I respect the RP wants, I RP myself in other games, but we are not on an RP server. We are, however, a close-knit group of people that enjoy having fun together and doing things in the game together. We are open with new people and make you feel apart of the team to the best of our abilities. It's all about enjoying ourselves in a game we play!

We also heroically raid and have no plans to go to Mythics. We only raid two nights a week and make sure we maintain our lives outside of the game. We're always looking for more people to add to our roster because frankly, we feel the more the merrier.

Would love to chat with you. My ID is avarice#1190. We raid Wed/Sun, 7:30PM/7PM PST respectfully. Check out our website: insurgencyguild.com

Will try to catch you on again!
(H) ❮Fät and Bäd❯ Bloodhoof

Small, active, close knit, adult heroic progression raid guild made of former hardcore raiders looking for more of the same while we get ready for Tomb. FnB is like a family; we run mythic+, alt raids, achievement runs, mythic EN and drunk raids on a regular basis. We help one another gear up alts, get our weekly +10s, burn through quests and invasions, and hang out in Discord with one another even when we’re not playing WoW. Our only expectations are that you know how to play your role effectively enough to mitigate whatever health you add to the boss when you join the raid group. We hate drama so much theater majors are KoS (jk… mostly).

We’re looking for reliable, warm bodied DPS and heals that are familiar with their class/roll, open to suggestion for improvements, and willing to bash their heads into content a few dozen times with us. A good attitude, sense of humor, and patience are musts!

Raids are Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 9pm-12am EST

Feel free to add me if you’re interested: zerofeelings#1881

If you're open to a transfer I think you might like us! ;)

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