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Been playing since vanilla, have extensive raid exp. Didnt clear naxx in vanilla but thats all I lack. BC was in Premonition and vodka, same goes with WOTLK but I also raided with Alpha as well. The other expansions suck so Im not even going to talk about them considering they were and continue to be a joke imo. The reason im just returning now is because well my account was stolen and I had to fall back onto an alt account and its never fun to start all over and feel useless lol.

Anyway, I can raid any days, any times, I am PST. I also know how to play all classes and specs to perfection. I am always prepared and on time. Boss strats are reviewed well ahead of pull times. I am a very competitive player in terms of putting out the most possible DPS my gear will allow me too without taking stupid risks and dying to something avoidable. I am a very vocal person on vent and am not afraid to be criticized. Coming back to my competitive nature, I am very big into arena, I am a multi rank 1 ret a 1 time rank 1 holy pally and a 10x glad mage 4x glad hunter 2x glad rogue. Not that none of this matters considering I am looking to be a part of a PvE guild but hopefully the guild I find will have some people looking for somebody of my PvP experience to play with.

Thanks for the time you took reading this.
"\_( シ)_/"

One last thing my skype is Tibbyy2 and my bnet is tibz#1337
1 day ago

Hello, we are currently looking to expand our roster into a mythic team and are recruiting for tomb, we would love to have a talk with you to see if we are a good fit, if our times and goals align we'd love to have you

Matt MCook#1112

We are not Repaired is looking for melee dps (rogue), ranged dps (1 hunter, 1 mage, and 1 ele shaman or spriest) and 1 healer priest or mw preferred for the move into mythic 10/10H, with leadership that have 3/10M experience and currently looking to add more friends to our roster. Our raid times are 6:30-9:30 pst wed/thur with an optional/mandatory raid day on Monday once we progress into mythic content. For more information please contact one of our officers.

Guild Leader: Adam btag Judgedrek#1914
Raid Lead: Rhymes rhymes#1104
Heal Officer: Matt MCook#1112
Hey Tibzdtf

Legacy of Dragons goal is to clear the content at a good pace while maintaining a fun atmosphere for everyone. With that being said we still expect people to come prepared and pull their own weight when a boss pull starts.

Nighthold Progression:
We are currently 10/10 heroic.
Looking to get 2-3 DPS to start mythic NH

Raid Times:
Friday and Sunday 8:00PM-11:00PM EST (5-8 PST/Server)

High Priority:
Ranged DPS: OPEN

For more information please contact Celyris in game, add Celyris78#1479 or Mirramoon#1951
(PM me via Battle.net)


Destromath, Thunderlord, Azgalor & Azshara

About Us:
<Deviant> is a progression based 3-day raiding guild formed on July 11th, 2006. We use the EPGP loot system. Members are expected to be on time with consumables and must be capable of receiving constructive criticism. We push our members to improve themselves regardless of being at the top or bottom of the charts and to research boss encounter mechanics before raid time.

Current Progression:
7/10 Mythic NH, 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 Mythic ToV
Currently 26% into Phase 3 of Augur

Raid Schedule (Server[CST]):
Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00PM - 12:30AM
Sunday: 10:00PM - 12:00AM

Contact Info:
Enceno#1753 [GM]
<Resurrected> is recruiting your class for The Nighthold.

Founded May 2008 and raiding end-game content ever since.
Progression: 7/10M Nighthold, 10/10H Nighthold, 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor
Server: Sargeras (Alliance Dominated)
Raid Schedule: Monday through Wednesday, 8:00PM-11:30PM CST (6PM-9:30AM PST, 9PM-12:30AM EST) Raid days cut down as progression advances.
Website: www.Resurrected-Sargeras.com
Contacts Ridia, Madison, Darnas, Karatebob, and Starlet

Here is a link to our public recruitment page if you wish to read more: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754416469

My BattleID is Madison#1306 Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you.
<Laissez Faire> is a guild formed by US50 players striving to push US rankings on a relaxed 3 hour 4 day schedule.

Raid Times
During progression we raid Mon-Thurs 10-1 CST, this schedule is reduced to Tues-Thurs for farm.

About Us
Many of our raiders come from guilds such as Blood Legion, Exodus, Strawberry Puppy Kisses, and Rebellion. We are looking for mechanically skilled, progression minded players. We aim to kill bosses in a timely fashion in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to Contact Us
@Groovyxo, your guild is exactly the guild I am looking for. Considering I come from a guild that was basically in the same place, Alpha/Premonition/Vodka. So it seems perfect. 2 things that will make this hard is the fact my debit card was stolen so I have to wait until I get it back to xfer also this mage is only 925 so I am a bit behind all of you.
@Madison added u on rl id

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