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Wyrmrest Accord
I fit into whatever role you need, but prefer healing. I am looking for a guild that has organized raids, mythics, and enjoys each other's company. I would like to RP, but it's not a deal breaker... but preferred. A god guild is hard to find. I can be found on Lorosa or Ries. Please, seek me out if you're interested. A conversation before just a guild invite would be nice. Only thing, I'm not sure if I need to be on this server. I'm bored... and I don't want to be bored yet, but it's just gotten to place of being dull and boring without a good group.
Greetings, Lorosa! You didn't mention what day/times you were available. Deep Forest Caravan is a full-immersion RP-Raiding guild with an ongoing arc. We are looking to fill our ranks for ToS and would enjoy another healer that can dps when needed.

However, we raid "late" 7-10pm, Server.

Best wishes to you, and may you find a place to hang your helm!

Edited to add: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754925410

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