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Moon Guard
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Printed on easily recyclable and bio-degradable paper, posted only in reasonable places and not just scattered to the wind in every direction would be a simple poster.
"The Citrine Eagle wants you!" *A woman in Eagle's guise seems to be saying to you. Yes, you.* "Hidden in one of the many valleys scattered about Alterac, the Eagles are one of the few orders who have yet to give up on the rather rundown Kingdom. They keep up the good fight, maintaining order as best they can in the ravaged lands. Following the example of General Hath, The Citrine Eagle remains steadfast loyalists to the Alliance and Stormwind, fighting her enemies wherever they appear. Join up today! And get a free Brewpup*" *If you were to flip the paper over, there would be "*with purchase of home.*" written on the back.

Basic Information
The Citrine Eagle is a militant order based out of the long destroyed Kingdom of Alterac, based just north of Alterac Valley. We do our best to maintain order around the mountains; whether it be fighting back Frostwolf Orcs, or the Syndicate. The Citrine Eagle remains loyal to the Alliance and Stormwind and keeps them as close allies, and slay the Alliance’s enemies wherever they’re needed. We don’t do any of that fancy schmancy “independent” stuff either. All of this is in hopes of one day Making Alterac Great Again.
The Citrine Eagle is broken down into three main divisions; The Silver Hand, Icewing Brigade, and the Citrine Circle.
Order of the Silver Hand
The Silver Hand is for those who seek to attain Knighthood for Paladins, or to become an ordained Priest/Battle-Cleric. Paladins, after passing their trials as a squire, will then have the opportunity to further increase their mastery of the three virtues, in order to ascend to the ranks of Knight-Lieutenant and beyond. Priests and Clerics will have the opportunity to become spiritual guides of the Citrine Eagle, and further beyond that, to be the backbone of the Eagle’s spirit while fighting.
The Icewing Brigade
The Icewing Brigade is the militia-styled military arm of the Citrine Eagle, and the place for those who do not wish to necessarily pursue knighthood and instead wish to fight for Alterac among others of varied physical skills and capabilities. They are also the front line for Alterac against any enemy the order may face while beating people up, or getting beaten up.
The Citrine Circle
The Citrine Circle encompasses the magically inclined. Within the Circle there are two groups. One tailored to mages known as the Magical Association of New Alterac (MANA), and the Citrine Enclave for those who favor natural magics. Each group delegates to better protect the Eagles on the field, and keep them away from dark, scary magics.
Subdivisions are smaller outlets within the order that anyone is allowed to participate in provided they have proven themselves loyal to the order and its cause. They are created through the will of those with similar callings, ambitions and skills to come together and find ways to better utilize themselves. Presently there is the Inquisition, Citrine Medical, the Vanguard, Infiltrators, and more!

Additional Information
Anything especially important can be found at http://tiny.cc/CitrineEagle
Or at our New Website at http://thecitrineeagle.com/
Moon Guard Wikia Article: tinyurl.com/TCEWiki
Check out some writing talent! tinyurl.com/TCEWriting
Officer Contacts:
  • Zaria
  • Shindomaru
  • Kysaerys
  • Mctash
  • Jezebel
  • Alteracian
  • Jolaini
  • Deruse

  • Just remember. Alterac belongs to the No— I mean the Alteraci.
    Citrus-scented freshness guaranteed.
    Banes is my fav
    Adventure awaits! And birds.
    Popoh is the shizniz.
    Popoh stole my lunchbox.
    I see someone thinks they're quite...
    (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)

    YEEEEEAAAA- I'll escort myself out.
    That's a fantastic guild name. It kind of reminds me of a pub where mages and druids get together to share stories.

    Keep up the good work!
    That's a fantastic guild name. It kind of reminds me of a pub where mages and druids get together to share stories.

    Druids? Pubs? What is this strange illusion?
    Last night, The Citrine Eagle participated in a multi pronged attacked on Legion Forces around the Broken Shore, assisting the many other Legionfall forces as they did. Tonight, we meet in Talongrab, to celebrate our victory, as well as plan our next two weeks worth of action.
    Eagle's Call was last night, and with it we set up a Task Board for people to do some quests in off-times for the betterment of Alterac.

    This week includes the continued hunt for Jack Titan, a Sermon, training, and a Mage council meeting to end the week c:
    May the eagles flight be eternal.
    Needs more trees
    After a night of fighting dragons and backup dancing for goblin pop stars...it's time to settle down a bit. The Eagles are off to a party from Modan Co. Hopefully the cake isn't as uhhh...crunchy. As last time.
    Finally managing to hunt down the dastardly air captain causing us trouble, the Eagles decide it's time for some R&R. However, with a recently added mission board, there is always things to keep them busy. As well they prepare for a Carnival hosted by one of their own this coming weekend. Come one come all! Feathers required.
    The Alteraci traitors are back at it again with it's traitor like recruiting. If you want to breed with an orc, you join the Alteraci.

    All jokes aside great folk to rp with.

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