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Moon Guard
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Time to prove our loyal nature!!

By...leveling Horde characters together. Hmm.

If you see a Hollowbane tag running around, give them a wave!
Despite them stealing my Title, these guys are pretty cool. Consider joining them for neat-o RP.
We've been busy birds! At the start of this week, the Eagles ventured to Alterac Valley to help relieve a group of Battleguards fighting in a pass between Talongrab, and the Valley.

After securing the route which leads to Dun Baldar, the men of the Battleguard were stolen away while on patrol by the Snowblind harpies. Securing them was a.. precarious operation. The Harpy Matriarch was spared, if only to be used as a tool against greater enemies later on.

But, the Eagles have now secured the Stonejaw pass, and can safely enter and exit Alterac Valley from their base of operations.

After a short break, and a lesson tonight, tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new month long storyline surrounding the Royal Apothecary Society -- hosted by Jezebel!

We're always recruiting! Feel free to check us out at thecitrineeagle.com
Good guild, this one. Extremely active and impressively friendly. :)
*Cough* -Insert Obv Bump message here- *Cough.*
05/29/2018 10:17 AMPosted by Zayon
*Cough* -Insert Obv Bump message here- *Cough.*

Oh psh, you're free from the grips of the undead now. Be happy.

We had a pretty long and exciting month! And a storyline recently concluded hosted by Jezebel.

Here's the full document that details the events and research:

Next month, we'll be participating in the next chapters of the Flames of War series, and the guild is looking forward to it!
Tonight's event was a caravan escourt from Aerie Peak. The Eagles had a few routes they could take...

And, after leaving the Hinterlands, the Eagles chose to take on the route of bones to encounter the Forsaken within the Hillsbrad Foothills near Tarren Mill. Along the way, they met with some Highwaymen who they were ... far too eager to pay off for their assistance. Albeit, it did save them the hassle of having to assault a tower alone.

Passing the road to lead towards the Alterac Mountains was daunting, and having to pass Tarren Mill was even more so. During the great battle just outside of the town, the cart unfortunately took some heavy damage. With one of its wheels nearly falling off, the group was forced to try and make way to the nearest allied encampment in the Headland. As they struggled along, the group was assaulted by a force of bat-riding Dark Rangers. Sustaining heavy losses, and fleeing, the Stormpike Guard was quick to intervene as the Forsaken forces encroached too close to their territory.

Now, battered and bruised, Donnel and the caravan of supplies for their efforts in Ashenvale are stuck in the Stormpike Encampment. And, their Stormpike allies are under threat of assault! There is no doubt the Eagles will need to aid in the defense of the encampment before they leave and prove themselves as powerful members of the Alliance in Ashenvale.

What happens next? Tune into tomorrow's C.A.W. to find out.

And with that, the arch for the month is set. This month will consist of events that bridge us into the next two chapters of the Flames of War series -- an RP-PvP server event. To mark this, and to make it clear what the Covert Alliance Warhawks (C.A.W.) do, feel free to check out their new webpage!


The drums of war sound. Are you ready to heed the call? Enlist with Alterac's finest today!

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