LF Casual Guild to Raid, etc.

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
1. Times available & time zone: Pacific, Evenings until 1030 pst/pdt usually and a little later Wednesday through Saturday.

2. Server preference: My toons are solely on Thunderhorn and don't understand how the cross realm stuff works so as long as grouping is easy idc.

3. Faction preference: Lok'tar Ogar.

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual

5. Current progression/experience: Haven't done a lot of raiding, but would like to. My two main toons are about 870 ilvl DPS.

6. Recent logs (if available): N/A

7. Contact info: PM or mail me in game or reply here

8. Anything else: Over 21. I swear. Frequently. I have almost every class at at least 100 (mostly DPS). Just hit me with what you need or would like.

Any interest in raiding on alliance side?
No ty. I'm 100% Horde.

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