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Cairne and Perenolde
Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some new friends to play with. My time for play time will be changing soon but i suspect that I will be able to play most evenings (EST). I'm really just looking for people to level with. I want to level my main but I have alts in a variety of levels. I want to do mostly PvE and PvP when I get higher in level. I'm returning from a couple months break so just getting used to the game, again.

Interested message me in-game, on discord (JoelPlzNo#3340), or reply to the forum
I'm the gm of DJ I made this guild for handicap players that need a home and want to raid from 3 days week. Because I have c.p. we are recruiting all class but demon hunter. My b-tag is kurting#1779 my e-mail is mr.schnepp28@yahoo.com.

4 pm to 8 pm est

holly pally
mage all
shaman all
warrior dps
I was being kick so I made my own guild. We are a new guild that is a family that worked hard.

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