Tournament of Ages 2017!

Moon Guard
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There's a whole bunch of people sitting in the bum phase. Relogging's not working. Can anyone in the good phase host a raid and let us know to whisper you, so we can join? =/ this is really sad

Made an appeal thread in General. Not sure what good it'll do, but if you have anything to add, please feel free as I could have missed a few things.
Again, please aid the forum above to help appeal the phasing issue going on. We all want this week to go smoothly with as much life. Hopefully at least by tuesday, we can get it fixed for the week.
08/06/2017 05:55 PMPosted by Alnarra =/ this is really sad

Hey, how do you get onto the stands like that? I'm trying to do it, but keep encountering an invisible wall.
08/06/2017 07:00 PMPosted by Xinatha

Made an appeal thread in General. Not sure what good it'll do, but if you have anything to add, please feel free as I could have missed a few things.

Good on you, Xinatha. Even if your name does sound like a disease. <3
Hey guys. Trying to find someone to phase into Moon Guard. Please let me know if there is anyone who is hosting a raid group. I'll be looking through these forums. Add me on BTag Smarties#11638
If you're concerned about sharding at ToA, continue to post in the general! Blizz has fixed phasing without having to patch; they can do it again.
Pet Battle Winners!
First place-- Supreme Champion: Alphariana (A)
Second Place---Worthy Adversary: Strongest (A)
Third Place---Zalgrand (A)

Great matches! Thank you all for your participation this year in the pet battles!
Made a little call out for support on WRA:
Anything helps! Lets get all the help we can on the general forums post!

I've submitted a bug report, I've retweeted the twitter message and I've posted in the general thread. Hopefully Blizz fixes it before ToA is over!
Hope everyone who came out had fun! Few things:
/join ToA
Ask for a Discord link
Monday is Jousting, Marmot Ball continuation, and Hearthstone
If you're experiencing phasing/sharding, try changing raids or relogging
The Sword in the Skull event rules will change, so check the website later today
Jousting begins today! Good luck to all the combatants!
*I say as I nervously await the first round combatants to determine my opponent o.o; *

Hotfix in the works to fix sharding issues within a couple of hours or so.

Happy to see the phasing fixed and be able to mingle with everyone last night. A lot of fun!
Sorry if this is a dumb question but do you guys post a group with the group finder so people from other servers can join? I would love to watch but I'm not on Moonguard.
I stumbled upon this by accident last night when finally deciding to do the Argent Tourney stuff. This is amazing! <3
Awesome work here guys, and glad to see this carry on another year! Also glad we could move to support you guys quickly on the phasing issue we saw. :)

Stickied this thread for visibility!

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