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Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
we should get title's to give more incentive to people to go around the world and quest for example when you beat the doctor quest in thealsmore and you get the alliance trauma certificate you should also get the title of "Doctor *Insert player name here* or when you beat the silver hand quests for the fiora's caravan you should get the title "silver hand recruit" and titles like these should be given as an additional reward for quests around the world that say you become a member of a group or alliance you should also get the title for that character (Not all characters just the one that completed the quest) or the quests that you become an Aldor or Scryer it should say "*Insert player name here* Member of Aldor/Scryer". I hope you guys get the gist of what I am suggesting as it is not a lot of work and it is a very good implement and it makes you feel more rewarded when you finish quests like the burned inn quest also in thelasmore and you get the title detective or something like that so people will want to travel all around the world to become doctors or investigators or members of the silver hand or other groups so they feel more immersed in the game and feel a connection to their player more while the quests actually feel as you have helped others and get your title accordingly for your good or bad deeds. All while feeling more immersed people will want to finish quest lines they otherwise would not have wanted to finish or did not think it was worth the time as the rewards where not enough with this addition they will explore more and want to find and do quests they otherwise would have missed due to time sake and as I said it gives another dimension to the quests as getting a reward other than an item or exp or gold is always a fun rare occasion. This will give a bit more incentive to players who want more incentive to quest other than exp or gold. @Blizzard development team. (Sorry about the spelling errors) Thanks for reading this and have a great day.

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