The Ballad of Angwe

Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, Haomarush, Lethon, and Shadowmoon
The Ballad of Angwe


Abush, Cheap Shot,
Backstab, Garrote!
Oh how he made us angry!
I never got farther
than Menethil Harbor.
The Original Ganker, Angwe!


When I was a boy, just starting to toy
Beyond the borders of Dun Morogh
I received a quest that would send me out west;
To Darkshore I knew I must go.

The nearest passage across the sea
Was a long hike through the Wetlands.
Like many before me, I set out to journey
Careless of what would happens.


On my way there, I could often hear
The yells of a fell’d companion.
They said they were gored by a stealthed bastard Horde
And my spirits, they would dampen.

A few minutes pass, another voice cast
Of champions yelling of out curses.
I was almost to town and then I found
The very spot where the rogue lurches.


I spent some good time, trying to unwind
After such brutal abusage
I tried to get over the stone bridge but, no sir,
The rogue would denied me passage.

I made it, oh good, to the docks and stood
Waiting there for my boat.
I was unaware, then he did appear
And promptly slit my throat.


We gathered our men to fight him and then
As we were searching for him.
Another young lad was careless and
He died before we could warn him.

The people did taunt and bicker and want
To see this orc rogue die.
But he would just laugh and in a flash
Vanish and listen to us cry.


The tale of the master assassin had traveled
Through Azeroth near and far.
Rather than travel the Wetlands pass,
Many went to the Booty Bay bar.

Now he is long gone, but I sing us this song
To remind us of the times that have past.
We raged then, but now- we miss him somehow
Those were the times that last!


LLD me in the blizzcon parking lot
you wont
gso scrub

___. __ __
\_ |__ ____ ___.__. ____ _____/ |__/ |_
| __ \ / _ < | |/ ___\/ _ \ __\ __\
| \_\ ( <_> )___ \ \__( <_> ) | | |
|___ /\____// ____|\___ >____/|__| |__|
\/ \/ \/

.___ .__ __
__| _/______ ___________ | |_/ |_
/ __ |/ ___/ / ___/\__ \ | |\ __\
/ /_/ |\___ \ \___ \ / __ \| |_| |
\____ /____ > /____ >(____ /____/__|
\/ \/ \/ \/
pve fgt
dethecus forums sure aint what they used to be -

also does anyone know if ughlee survived blizzcon???

too bad dethecus' premier lgbti guild - dethecus death dealers - is no longer around

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