[A] 3/11M Sat/Mon lfm :D

Guild Recruitment
Edited on 02/08/2018 for current needs:

Hi friends! We are looking for a couple more skilled and reliable bodies to join our team as we battle through Antorus. We are currently 3/11M.

Roles needed:
2-3 DPS - rogue, shaman, mage, boomkin, hunter... (other classes/specs considered)
possible tanking spot and healing spot open. inquire within :)

Guild Info: Something Shiny is an Alliance based raiding guild on PVE-Cenarius. Server time is PST. We have been around since 2010. Guild started as a bank guild for the GM and evolved into something more when a group of friends forced themselves in. mUAHAHHAHAahAH. Ever since 2010, we been raiding and building lasting relationships with each other. We consider ourselves a small family.
Raiding Info: Sat 8-11pm and Mon 7-10pm PST. We were 5/10M ToS with close work on Mistress crappypants. We sometimes have optional off night raiding or events on either Thurs/Fri/Sun but it's more for alts or fun, etc. Right now, they are mostly on Fridays at 7:30pm and are full normal clears with half heroics due to alt capabilities. Ideally, it would be nice to get Cutting Edge but our goal is just to progress as far as we can into mythics and see where it takes us.
We provide cauldrons and feasts and some other thingie-ma-bobs. We use discord for voice comm and RCLootCouncil for loot distribution (3 man officer council + 1 raider as mentioned below). We need reliable raiders so we can push progression as much as possible. We expect at lenient 80% attendance rate and a team player attitude. Anyone who maintains an 80% attendance rate over the past 2 months is qualified to participate in loot council as a perk.
We are a laid back group of people who want to progress at a steady pace on a 2 night semi-casual schedule. We do not expect that you have extensive raiding experience. We judge based on what we personally see in skill and awareness. We expect that you are ilvl 960+ or close to it and have at least AP75 by now. We want you to jump into the group and hold your own. We are quite a silly group of people and do not have a whole bunch of drama. We are looking for like minded skilled individuals. We do not appreciate obnoxious, hate or any offensive malicious behavior so no trolls or immature "bros" need apply please.
Contact Info: maliwali#1577 btag and maliwali#2947 discord user. Discord is the best way to contact me during the day. You can also contact my sister, the GM, at ecdubs#1635 btag as well. THANKS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION!
HEROIC ALT RUN TONIGHT @ 7:30pm PST if you wanna come hang out with us and check out most of our peeps :)
Mythic Tich dead! Woot. Still need a healer and a couple ranged for ToS! :) Heroic alt run again this Friday @ 7:30pm if you want to join!
Still looking for some more for ToS! :D reach out to me during the day on discord - maliwali#2947
heallll meeeeeeee
Spellblade down!!! :D Still need a few healers and ranged dps to join us in ToS!
8/9N on first night. Will dwelve into heroics on Monday. Still looking for a couple awesome healers!!!
Sent btag request. Agro#1634
Fury, I was gone all day yesterday so I'll reach out to you tonight. Thanks!
Updated post to reflect current info and needs. THANKS!
Wow this looks like a great guild, where do I sign up?
Right here! Right here!
I want a new healer to innervate.
no, those innervates are all mine!!
Only if you life grip me into hydra shots.
LF Boomkin friend to own Mistress with.
Glyph of Stars users need not apply.
Only if said Boomkin friend can stay in chicken form for my amusement
We don't raid on Game of Thrones nights, that's a plus and you should join us.

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