Priest class mount

The light poop trail can be harsh on the eyes after awhile too....
If it didn't have the smashed face, I'd like it more. I'm still using it as my mount though.
So after testing it out there are 2 things that REALLY annoy me.. and 2 things I think are kinda cool.

Cool things:
The wings are neat (their glow effect), and the way we summon it is neat.

Annoying things:
It runs like its got a giant stick up its !@#... looks TERRIBLE. And its head/body combo is terrible with the head looking like it ran into a wall and bent its neck strait up and flattened its face.

Overall its a massive disappointment.
It looks pretty cool but the particle effects are a bit too much on my eyes.
Let's see we ran around as a Shadow Priest for at least 2 x-pacs surrounded by Ravens!!!

And they give the Raven Mount to Rogues!

They just can't get anything about Priests correct.
unless they consider us a Lab Experiment .
I just don't get it !
06/07/2017 08:51 AMPosted by Peppêr
It looks pretty cool but the particle effects are a bit too much on my eyes.
Definitely too much. It obscures too much of the screen. Shame.
I like it. I call it a meowl.
I think it's an adorable derpy feather floof and I love the little noises it makes c:

The quest was a little underwhelming but after the priest campaign my expectations weren't very high lol
What's the connection between a priest and an owl? Idk
So after flying around on the thing, I'm more positive on it. Still would have preferred a full-on owl, but I really dig the particles. Disc colors make it look like you're surrounded by snowflakes and you can lay them on thick if you fly backwards. It's silly, but I'm liking it.

Holy Gold looks good also, but Shadow Purple not so much. I'm running the glyph so maybe that's making the difference. Probably won't drop the Twilight Drake for that spec.
Personally I cannot use the mount. If I wanted to have confetti thrown in my face I would just attend a Birthday party for a young child.

Its almost like the mount ate a glitter bomb and we are getting the after effects while we ride it.
I love my Seeker mount, it's so pretty! I did not think I would like it based on the videos, but I was pleasantly surprised. The colors on holy are by far my favorite and the particle effects look like gold glitter, flower petals, or confetti, it's awesome! And the armor on it is just beautiful, despite the over-sized chair...throne..thing. The feather textures look so soft and fluffy.

Looks aside, I like everything else about it, too. The mount itself is not too big. The wings disappear and are out of the way on the ground so I can appreciate my 'mog. I feel like I can talk to an NPC or check the mailbox while mounted and not feel like a colossal jerk. It's got a gryphon's rig which I always liked and appreciated as Horde.

I have many, many mounts and the Seeker is easily one of my favorites. Might not be everyone's cup o' tea, but that's ok. Not everyone has to like it.
I think it looks kind of like a Sphinx. I do think that when running on the ground they should adjust the angle of the head. It looks unnatural.

The particle effect is awesome though and overrides anything bad I feel about the model itself.
06/07/2017 09:34 AMPosted by Besivance
I like it. I call it a meowl.

Oh my goodness, I Love This!!!

Totally calling it a Meowl from now on.
I like him. He's cute.
06/07/2017 09:34 AMPosted by Besivance
I like it. I call it a meowl.

Lol, I shall now refer to it as a meowl as well. I like the mount quite a bit.
Finally got the Meowls tonight and...

I love 'em!!!

There's something strong yet precious about them, something unique that I really like.

Just became my favorite mount for every spec, hehe.
Honestly I thought they were one of the cooler class mounts until I saw one in game just now in a BG. Maybe they look better while flying, but something about the way it holds its neck while running looks goofy lol.
For the male pandaren that have this mount, do your backs clip through the seat? I was checking out the mount in Wowhead's model viewer and noticed this happening. Just wondering if it really does that.
The face is dumb.

It looks cool when you see other people flying with it.

When you fly with it your entire screen is filled with white lights.

The only good class mount is the hunter one.

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