[A] Counterparts

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
<Counterparts> is looking for active players interested in PVE, raiding, and a better home.

Currently 6/10 Mythic NH. T/Thur 8-10, Sunday 7-10 CST.
7/10M - looking for all classes!
Hello, you guys still looking for new members? My brother and I (both druids) are looking for a guild to play with, since our old guildies have all but stopped playing. I typically main guardian/feral, my brother resto/balance, and we're hoping to get back to raiding after having missed Nighthold.

We aren't particularly interested in pushing mythic raiding content (though we are open to it), but we're hoping to at least do heroic level raiding and mythic + content. We're also open to playing whichever role is needed for the group.

My in-game tag is Pajacks, his is Oondies. Let me know if you guys have space!
8/9H bump
9/9H TOS

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