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For prosperity's sake...
This is a continuation of Bebbit's, Jakosta’s, Landrêth’s, and Tulkes' posts! As in previous attempts, Sticky Request... APPROVED!!!!

Now, on to the actual purpose!

Games change, and so much their players. Before this post was the Guild Bases of Operations, a long time tradition on Emerald Dream to claim a base, defend it with your lives, and attack others all in the name of RP-PvP, a corner stone of ED. With the removal of World Defense and the introduction of War Mode with no replacement and increased sharding, our old ways of doing things have gone by the way side. I have happily converted this thread in to Emerald Dream's new RP Guild Listing sticky!

What does this mean? If you are an RP guild I will take down your information. Please send to me either on here, discord, or any other in game method, and I'll add you to the post/listing. What does this mean for non-RP guilds? At the moment, I only have so much room within two sticky posts and we will see if I can fit it all in as time goes on, I want to reserve this space for RP guilds first and foremost as we are, of course, an RP server.

I want to start with this particular format:

<Guild Name>: [Primary Focus], [Secondary Focus], [Tertiary Focus]
{A small 1-2 sentence description of your guild}

After each focus I would like +++, ++, or + denoting heavy, medium, and light respectively.

As an example:
<The Sunsworn>: RP+++, PvP++, PvE+
An old elf based guild that is no longer here but I like to pick on.

It should read that the Sunsworn is a heavy RP guild first and foremost that also likes to PvP and is lightly interested in PvE that is an old elf based guild that I like to pick on.

I hope this will better serve our server and help us continue moving forward into BfA and beyond! Please let me know if you need any corrections, edits, additions, removals, or general questions about this thread. Earth Mother watch over you.
<Redwood Tribe>: RP+++, PvP++, PvE++
Primarily Tauren tribe based RP guild. Based out of the Stonetalon Mountains.

<The Orchid Hollow>: RP+++
A neutral Pandaren based organization out of Tian Monastery.

<Resolve>: PvP+++, PvE++, RP+
A group of privateers working for the Horde based on Fray Island.

<Blackrock Clan>: RP+++, PvP++
Orc exclusive. The shattered remnants of Blackrock look to now aid the Horde against the Alliance

<Swiftsilver Cartel: RP+++, PvP:++
A couple of opportunistic goblins looking for a quick coin opperating under the noses of both the Bildgewater and Venture Company

<Sanctum of the Sun>:RP+++
Elven based. The Sunfury had returned after their loyal excursion out to Outlands and reclamation of the Sunwell from Keal'thas' forces

<Shadows of Lordearon>:RP+++, PvP++ (Inactive ATM)
Forsaken Based. The Banshee's vengeance in this warring world and these Forsaken stop at nothing to ensure her plans are executed flawlessly.

<Cult of the Sun>: RP+++
Looking for political power, these cultist looks to resurrect old High Elven traditions for their own purposes.

<Elves of the North>: PvP:+++, RP++
Blood Elf only. Where else would you find elves? To the west? Lowborne scum is all you find there.

<The Frostfury>: RP+++, PvP++
The Horde marches and these march with it bringing the their icy wrath to those who oppose them.

<Blackmoon Tribe>: RP+++, PvP+, PvE+
A small tribe of Trolls.

<The Emboldened> : PvP+++, PvE+++, RP++
A band of mercenaries whose loyalty is to gold first. With many being retired soldiers, pirates, and rapscallions, they have no problem being in the thick of things.

<Warbringer>: PvP+++ PvE+++ RP++

<Orchid Hollow>: RP+++
A neutral Pandaren based organization out of Tian Monastery.

<The Päck>: RP+++, PvP++
Worgen exclusive RP guild based out of Gilneas

<The Mercenary Outfit>: PvP+++, RP++

<Coldridge Company>: RP+++, PvE++, PvP+++
Business of doing business, no job too dirty for our employees.

<The Hounds>: RP+++, PvP++, PvE++
Lurking around Shadowfang Keep - All Worgen military guild.

<Clan Battlehammer>: RP++, PvP++
Dwarf exclusive and defenders of the Alliance! One of the longest running guilds on ED

<Coalition of Azeroth>: RP++

<Renewal>: RP++

<Salty Sea Doggos>: PvE+++, RP++, PvP++
A bunch of silly pirates in search of fortune, adventure, and booze. With a ship in Stormwind and an outpost under The Tradwinds Market they are hard to miss

<Pride of The Alliance>: PvP+++, RP+

<The Ashen Vale>: RP+++,PvE+++, PvP+++
Kaldorei themed, all are welcome. "Remember Teldrassil!"

<Kul Tiras Marines>: RP+++, PvP++, PvE++
Kul Tiran RP-PvP, Marine Recon unit with Proudmoore Academy bootcamp, BI:6 spy agency & Corps of Engineers

<Bellatorum Unita>: RP++

<Drunken Fisherman> PVE+++ PVP++ RP++
A drinking guild with a fishing problem. 18+. Actively press raid progression, often completing each tier.
I will be discussing this with the Lioncrest.
Glad you took the mantle dude. Rock n Roll those base registrations!

*Seal of approval*

Warbringer is still staying at Aerie Peak
I've only been on ED for a year but has any Alliance RP guild ever claimed Goldshire,Northshire, or Elwynn as a base? Seems like a hot spot and would make for some good RP-WPVP.
<Warsong Vanguard> will call Thunder Bluff one of it's main hubs. It'll also defend Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff. We're currently debating on a main base of operations. So I will edit once I have it.
The Seventy Third's aaall the way out in Westguard Keep, Howling Fjord))
Magetank Industries uses Dun Garok in Hillsbrad Foothills.
Ironsworn Regiment's is Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra! It's the primary base for our RP campaigns.
Hey there, many already know this, but <Orchid Hollow> is based out of the Tian Monastery in the jade forest.

We have a smaller horde guild as well, since we're a neutral family. <The Orchid Hollow> since it's the same guild essentially, it's the same base.

We RP there and have events, as it's our home. But we will only defend if provoked.

tysm for making this thread!
<Heroes Creed> currently uses Theramore Keep as it's base (Not literal Theramore of course.)
06/05/2017 06:01 PMPosted by Cydelx
<Warsong Vanguard> will call Thunderbluff one of it's main hubs. It'll also defend Orgrimmar and TB. We're currently debating on a main base of operations. So I will edit once I have it.

I'll need to inform Ginjow of this....
The Academy inside the <House of Nobles>, uses Old dalaran as a template to call home.
The Blackwald, Gilneas.
Honor Watch is currently stationed at Greywatch (Stormhiem)
Oh! And Aerie Peak is our base where we RP.
Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge is our base of operations. However, we are currently in Splintertree for a campaign. Also have a satellite set up in Orgrimmar.

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