Rate the above player's name!

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Just for fun! I'm bored at work D:
4/10 Does not seem like a good name for a troll or a monk.

Dubai is nice.
Oh come on now...kinda shocked you have it tbh.

9/10, sounds elven
6/10, I don't like several Julias.
I like da freckles 9/10
I choose to rate the person below me, 10/10.
@Queeg, probably only a goblin could pull off a name like that, 8/10
@Jadepyre, 10/10, I really like that.
10/10 Idk why but Slinky really fits a female Goblin xD
Slinky 10/10 think its a great name for a rogue gobby

Shalafi 10/10 good name for aBelf DH
8/10 sounds eleven and fits pally well
Good ol' Irish nicknames are alright with me

We all miss James. 8/10
Eh... It's okay for a rogue I guess, not super original.

No idea if it sounds Gilnean or not but it sounds neat and it seems original.
4/10, to many "A"s
6/10, not quite sure what you're going for.
8/10 i like it.

Someone has played Mario Galaxy. Minus points for not being original.

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