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02/28/2018 07:02 PMPosted by Iyenysae
Guess who finally got her warden tabard! Now I'm Official™

Vault of the Wardens Stamp of Approval
Our third post has been updated with Warden roleplaying resources! Check it out here:
All of these elves! It's so tempting to brave the Wash to join up here.
04/02/2018 02:38 PMPosted by Miraysha
All of these elves! It's so tempting to brave the Wash to join up here.

Let Elune's tide wash over you and leave only truth; the lacy waves are a drumbeat that echo Her will, Her kiss on the edges of land everywhere. Allow Her tide to draw back like a breath and then collide with your soul to wash your impurities away!
Boop-boop! I'd be more than happy to help out you all in UV if/when there's ever a need for a non-guildie Warden!~ Miss Della here would be peachy-keen for a little action sooner or later.

Engel#1513, feel free to add!~

I would like to join the Vanguard temporarily for some tips in Warden RP. I am always free Friday around 5:00-6:00.


P.S:No discord sorry:(
Get your owl on.
Why get your owl... when you are one!
The Umbra Vanguard wraps up its story soon!
UV hosts its last event this upcoming Friday. It's been a fun Warden year, and we're going to continue our owling adventures, just under different units. For more info on our last event, which is public, check this out!

Headcanon time! Warden cells-- and the end of the Vanguard

A Warden cell is a broad term used to define a unit or group within the Order of the Watchers. A cell's size can range anywhere from two individuals all the way to one hundred, and are assigned to various tasks such as prisoner warding, infiltration and intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, extra-planar deployment, bounty retrieval, artifact containment, classified communications, training, and assassinations. A cell is always designed for maximum versatility, and exists for as long as there is an operational requirement.

A cell's command hierarchy depends on the size, deployed cells are normally kept small, with one Warden assigned as its leader and one or two more selected as officers depending on requirements. One such example is the Umbra Vanguard Training Cell 45x32AN, commissioned at the start of the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth as a task force dedicated to replenishing lost Warden numbers and improving Kaldorei-Watcher relations.

45x32AN was led by Warden Talredon for the span of the Legion's third invasion until after the Legion's defeat, its members then reassigned to other cells and tasks once it produced a handful of new Wardens.

Congratulations to Iyenysae, Melindriel and Merethyl. After over a year of roleplay, they've all succeeded their trials and training to become Kaldorei Wardens in a post-Legion world!
Cool group of people :D

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