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Hello, I have spent a few months researching some of the issues that are part of the reason wow is losing subs and players are upset. (You guys have many good additions to the game such as making your toon respwn in the instance and the following is in NO way a hate or complaining post just one to bring to light some issues that if fixed will help the game and the sub count.)
I had a question, I think you also see this as it is one of if not the biggest issue brought up to people's attention. Why is wow staying so easy and boring I am not trying to bash on any of you and this is in NO way meant to be a hate letter. I personally Loved the game up to WOTLK and still loved it a lot in that expansion but mostly in BC and vanilla. I am not someone who wants Vanilla as there where a lot of pointless things but I am wondering why blizzard is not making the game harder, I am not wearing any heirlooms I am level 72 and I can one shot any mob in Shadow labyrinth and three shot at max any of the boss in the instance and any instance a couple levels above my level, I am one shoting with basic attack mobs that are not elite and Everyone I speak with about this agrees with me, From reedit to Facebook to YouTube to World of warcraft in game players to hearthstone and other games not a single person I have spoke with and I have spoke with a lot of players about this, A LOT. The game is intended to be a MMORPG (MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE ROLE PLAYING GAME) and with the live version it is nothing like that and I am very saddened to see the game and its fan base along with player base in such distress about this, Leveling was made 90% easier, 90%......... I can understand 10% or maybe even up to 30% but 90% that is BS, I not only am one shoting any mob up to five levels higher than me with a basic attack and soloing dungeons up to five levels higher than me while one shoting the mobs in there as well and two to three shoting the boss but the leveling was made so boring and effortless, I use to love leveling, I would make new characters just to level them even if I would never play them again just the experience I went through when leveling was so much fun and took all my effort. Quests use to be able to have enjoyment behind them as well but now along with one shoting mobs I personally have to go out of my way to not do dungeons, PVP or raids so I will not gain EXP otherwise I will not be able to enjoy the zone if I join one dungeon BAM I am way higher level and need to move onto another zone. These issues along with issues such as heirlooms, LFR, Cross realms all destroyed the community! I remember when you had to be social and make friends which I loved doing to advance and they would be IRL friends at that but cross realms was such a bad idea it not only makes server crossing pointless but it also ruins questing as these people from other realms which you cannot Que with steal your mobs and gear, they are not even trade-able and you cannot do anything but party with them, I think along with many many other people think cross realm was a very bad idea and if you are going to make servers viable to one another make one big mega server where community can be made and friends can be made or just do not change it at all, the game has no immersion you can get a mount at level 1, you get gear that you will have the entire time you level and it is better than all the other gear you get so there is no real reason to quest for better gear. You can sit in a major city and just LFR/LFD/LFPVP the eniter time from level 15 to level 110 you do not even need to move, that destroyed the open world right there along with all the social aspects that came with looking for groups and friends
so to recap 1. The game is way to easy with one shoting any mob up to five levels higher than you even without herlooms. 2. The leveling proccess is no more as you cannot enjoy questing and dungeons as you not level way way to fast. 3. the game is no longer rewarding nor pushing for questing as herlooms and mounts at level 1 make the rewards unnessasary. 4. LFR took the social aspect out finding and comunicating with others to achive your goals. 5. (This one I forgot to mention) Flying mounts ruined the factor of finding people on your adventures through the world so right there that ruins the incentive to explore (which is very bad in an MMORPG open world game) and last but not least 6. Cross realm servers are BS and pointless along with annoying they do nothing but ruin the comunity in each realm I mean if there was atleast a mega realm with all the servers combine there would be some form of comunity but with cross realm it is making the world even worse. Once again I am not trying to make this a hate letter I am just saying there are so many factors that almost EVERY single player of wow dislikes and is the soul reason they quit, the reason sub count is down not becasue the game is old no but becasuse of all these !@#$ features. I love world of warcraft and I think you guys had some amazing I mean very very amazing ideas like paying for wow with the gold you have or taking things like weapon skill out or making it so when you loot things it gets a small area of corpse that you can loot from all in one loot action but these issues I meantion a min ago along with others that I have not touched on such as gold inflation and account bound mounts and not fixing proffessions (Which need a lot of work) and others such as legendaryies are so belittled that they mean nothing I mean Gear itself is no longer something people look at and say "WOW I want that! He is holding RAG's hammer SO COOL!" but instead "Hey look I have a ashebringer one of the strongest items in the game! I am so cool" "Yeah well so does everyone else" So legendaries are no longer something special and Gear itself is just a place holder for stats and numbers. I want to know why you guys are not fixing the issues that every loyal wow player is hating and why you guys are not carring enough about the wow players that are loyal and are the reason wow became so big and please do not say something like well the younger generation does not have as good of an attention span so we need to make things easier becase that is a load of BS Why would you cater to them those poeple are not the ones that are loyal, they have not a lot attention span they will leave wow as soon as they joined but the real players like myself and all the sub losses you guys are experiancing and already lost where your loyal fans the ones who put hours in their characters and became better at the game and stronger and the reason wow was so big back when it had amazing sub numbers was becasue the fans that where subed like the game and with all these features that I meantioned the game is no longer World of warcraft it is not like a cheap blatant copy with a hint of call of duty mixed in where everything takes no skill and you are just haned things. I am done ranting but my main question is why you guys do not fix the iussues I mentioned and things such as class trainers, Class trainers are useless you might as well remove them if they do not teach you skills there is no use for them. I want to know why you guys are not changing things to fix sub loss to make wow the amazing game it has the potential to be and regain the subs you lost becasue you guys will only keep losing subs untill you fix these issues and soon you will lose wow and run out of buissness. I want to say a HUGE thanks to you for reading all of this. I know it was a very very very long ticket and I thank you very much for taking the time regaurdless if it is your job or not, I hope you are able to pass this feedback to the owner of blizzard and show him the ticket along with the devs and the person who decided to put these failing features that made the sub count go down so much so they can learn from the past and make wow the amazing game it is suppose to be and no doubt has the potential to be.
I could not fit the post in the whole area it was over the caracter limit so I needed to put the first comment as the second half.
The following is a ticket I sent to blizzard on behalf of the upset players who do not want to spread hate but just want the game they love and care about and have from the start. I did not touch on topics such as gold inflation or how to fix heirlooms like nerf them to be weaker than the current level questing gear or things like how to fix flying like take it out of the world unless you are max level but should still be usable in other places such as Outland and other non vanilla Azarath areas and things such as instead of making more dungeon difficulties just get rid of mythic and change heroic to the highest level possible or level cap if possible and keep the normal mode for the actual main dungeon required level. I hope this sheds some light on the issues and how to fix them if you have any thing you think should be added on or want to know how to fix issues I have brought up leave a comment and I will answer them eventually as I have a solution to all these issues. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day!
That is a wall of text, mate.

Look, there are plenty of hardcore MMO's out there - they just aren't as successful as WoW. WoW doesn't need to be fixed to be more challenging. There's plenty of challenging content - both solo and group, PvE and PvP: (Mage Tower scenario, Mythic Dungeons, Mythic Raiding, RBG's, and Arenas).

A lot of us played Vanilla WoW, we're over a decade older now, and we don't have the time we had back then to devote to WoW. We don't need leveling and questing and getting from place-to-place to be a struggle. We want to get into the game and play for an hour or so and feel like we accomplished something at the end of it. We don't want to spend two hours gaining a single level or die six times trying to get from one zone to another.

If YOU want WoW to be more challenging, then take off your heirlooms, deleting your flying mounts and oversized bags, turn on RP walk, only equip grey items... there's plenty of things you can do to cripple yourself.

But most of us have leveled dozens of characters - at this point, we just want to get through the leveling process so we can get to the end-game experience - where many difficult, skill-based challenges await you.

And if you think ALL of WoW - from pet battles to Mythics - is too easy or casual, then maybe WoW isn't the game for you. Maybe you need to find a different game to play.

But the game isn't broken. It doesn't need to be fixed. It's doing pretty good right now - a hell of a lot better than Warlords, that's for sure - and with a new patch on Tuesday, it'll be doing even better.

Sorry mate - I know you put a lot of work into your wall of text (line-breaks and paragraphs, man!), but I really don't think you're going to find a huge amount of agreement among the folks still paying for a subscription to the game that the leveling process needs to be more tedious and difficult.
I basically agree with everything Gendou said. I, too, have been playing since Vanilla and while I agree that leveling is no longer a challenge, can you imagine how long it would take to get to 110 if it was like Vanilla? It took me months to get my first character to 60. I specifically remember one quest in Hillsbrad for horde to get some spider ichor that literally took me 2 complete levels of grinding spiders to get. And it was a quest you had to do in order to continue that chain.

I also think the whole 'legendary' idea is completely different from the original idea. You just can't compare old legendaries to the current system. While I personally think the current system is clunky, I still think it is vastly better than the old "omg let's pray for this 1% drop rate item and then grind mats for months' way of getting those items. Were they far more rare and fit the term 'legendary' better? Yes. But if you think about it, they were extremely unfair in a way. One person out of 40 raiders was the lucky one to get it, whether it be from DKP or loot council bias. There were so many others who worked just as hard to get it and would never see it. At least now people are rewarded for the time they put in.

The only thing I thought the older game style did was force you to a) know your class and b) make you a better player through that. You had to really get to know your character and their abilities to level some what successfully. Now I feel like that isn't really the case, which gives us the joy that is LFR, but as Gendou pointed out, that really isn't the audience that WoW is going for anymore.

Also, I am not a mythic raider but, from what I can tell, it is still completely challenging if that is what you are seeking. People remember MC/BWL/AQ as these epic and hard raids when, in reality, the only thing that was really hard about them was assembling enough people who did not completely suck. We gave raid spots to mages simply because they could conjure food. The required skill level for higher end raiding is definitely higher now, in my opinion. (I cannot really include the original Naxx in this because that was indeed a challenging raid and the beginning of what would be truly original and immersive raiding.)

And yes, paragraphs are your friend!
The only challenging content is in max level that is the issue and I think a better name for this post is some of the issues with wow and how to fix them.

Leveling is not a struggle it is a journey on its own and if you do not have the time to put a lot of effort into the game you should not be reaching max level cap in a matter of days nor should you get the rewards people who put hours and days into the game get, the game should have a clear line between the hardcore and soft core players like it use to have not "oh hey lets give everyone the same !@#$, make it not even need effort and still get the same crap someone who put 20x time time and effort should get the same reward" I am not saying it should be as hard and tedious as vanilla but I am saying that leveling in any game is a journey so why should wow be any exception. I myself am a collage student working on being a heart surgeon so I myself out of anyon eknows what it feels like to not have all the time in the world I mean %^-* it took me over a week just to get back to you and I also think if I do not have the time to work my !@# off in a game I should not be rewarded as I did not put the effort that the best people in the game did so why should I get the same rewards? So many people are leaving and I am not here to say that the game is $%^- as I like a lot and I mean a lot of its current aspects but what I am saying is I have done a lot I mean a lot of extensive research before I started college on many factors of the game because I want nothing but its best and these are the issues that I have found are the main issues of sub loss, I have asked many many die hard fans and along with their words, and statistical data I have found these issues are what the main issues on the game is based on how people enjoy the game and sub count.

But as you said questing and leveling after vanilla has never been a struggle 92% of the people I spoke with loved questing and said they did not have an issue with it until wow started removing quests and making the questing experience the way it is today, that is when the issues started.

and about making the game harder, I NEVER USE HEIRLOOMS clearly you did not read what I said, I own them but never, ever, ever use heirlooms and I only use bags I get from quests and no why should we have to equip gear that was intended to never be used and only use a walking style of moment just to make it harder, I only use ground mounts so before you speak read the whole post. The game in all it's hardest forms is still way to hard.

The reason you have leveled so many characters is because the game is too easy you just said you do not want a hard time leveling and then said you want the end game content so it is harder. You are contradicting yourself and it is blizzard listening to those players that is ruining the game.
pt. 2

I love wow and it is the game for me but it is not suppose to be the game for those who expect everything handed out to them, wow has changed and there are more wow players that quit due to these changes then the wow players that are still here. People like yourself have gotten so use to everything being handed to them that if things get hard and you actually have to work with things you quit or whinny like a baby, I have spoken to the people who quit wow and these are the issues and I have spoken to a lot of the players in wow and they agree that these are the issues the people on the forums may not agree and I personally do not care the only thing I care about is the well being for wow and right now wow is at a downfall if these issues are not fixed the game is not going to ever become to the same or better than the glory it use to have. The game is doing slightly better than WOD they do not even release the numbers anymore so that should tell you how bad it is doing so do not say it is doing good. The sooner we and the owners of blizzard understand the game is going to the drains the sooner they can fix it and that is why I brought these issues up. not to hear complaining about what you like or do not like because I ha e gotten these topics from players on what they do not like and what they like and these are the most common ones, these are not my opinions as they would be different if they where my opinions. I made this post hopping it can shine light on what the game needs fixed so the devs and owners have a good idea to find the game and continue to make money. This post is for the staff and well being of the game World of Warcraft not to be a perfect post for the forums but as I said to shine some light on the issues that will fix the game (FROM THE COMMUNITY) for the best of wow's health as a game and blizzard as a company.
Also do not get me wrong I am not responding to make you happy I am doing it to educate you and explain the details of the post such as the leveling possess does not need nor do they want the leveling process to be tedious it is just the way the game is not the leveling process it way, way to easy and it's difficulty needs to be made harder. Not tedious but harder.
2nd comment response:

The leveling can be scaled but you are forgetting that the level 110 has been so belittled to be something other than stats you fail to realize that you are LEVEL 110 and you are defeating things that are as strong as the end bosses in the WARCRAFT series so what in any way makes you think that you should be able to kill these huge important people by leveling so easily? There are way more quests and as I said the questing should not be made tedious but at least a bit harder because yes leveling to max level would be harder but at least it would men something. Now days when you see a max level it would be nothing special but when you saw a max level back then that was an achievement it was something important and special if you had a max level now it is so bogus and easy that it mean nothing and is so easy anyone can do it. It ruins the whole reason of leveling to divide the strong and weak, the experienced and non experienced. If leveling was made harder it would at least mean something when you level and you get those juice level achievements not like it currently is where levels are nothing but spots to gain new abilities (Which I may add that you can be so lazy you do not need to move you just learn it out of the thin air). You are all forgetting factors, yes leveling would be much harder and it would taking longer but the again you would have more content to do instead of sneeze and get to level cap and also you would have something if you where max level not feel nothing when yo have a level cap toon as everyone does now days and can get it in just that, Days. Blizzard is an amazing company and has the ability to make it so levels are as hard to get to level 110 as it was to get to 60 back in the day but no now it is as easy to get to level cap as it was to get to level 20-30 back in the day.

As I said blizzard has a lot of potential they can make the drop rate 10% instead of 1% on a quest. You are just bringing up some of the small handful of extremely hard quests to prove your point and totally disregarding the rest of the amazing questing. If you did not like questing back then why did you play, because even know you where grinning you still enjoyed playing but today grinning is useless because what ever you do becomes useless as either you will replace the gear with a better set in two levels or what you already have is a heirlooms so other than exp there is no point. today in its current state it may seem like grinning is no fun because it is but back then things did not seem like grinding what ever it was it was always fun but you cannot say that about today. The only thing you may be able to say about today is maybe max level content can be decent but nothing compared to back then or the game's current potential.
I agree with you on the legendary partly, yes I think the only way was way too tedious but you missed the point the point of making legionaries actually legionaries is suppose to stick out like it's name a legendary. A legendary should not be something every class can get easy as nothing such as the Ashbringer that is no longer a legendary it is a legacy item that is given to everyone a legendary should meet somewhere in the middle, not handed out like candy like today but not tedious like it use to be maybe like a meet in the middle where it is really hard to get but not impossible to get where you need to do a raid 40 times to get it for everyone but maybe you do a long quest chain that is over 1000 quests or beat a boss that has it 0.000001% for one part and go across the world to get the other item that has the same drop chance from them and combine the items and go use that item to fight a boss in the maelstrom and he has a 1% chance to drop the legendary item then and that is how you get that legendary something everyone can do solo but something very hard to get so it actually fits the legendary title not where you need to farm a lot of mats or spend a lot of gold or get a chance out of 40 people but a thing where you do a long journey so you feel like you achieved something and where you have a story to tell not some !@#$ given to everyone.

I disagree as raids you needed a lot of people for them but that is what they where a huge place where if you found the people and where a good player you would be rewarded which even if LFG was still in the game and raiding was like it use to be that would be fine as the raids where challenging and yes you had to know your class but that was the idea you needed to know your class and be good which you gained through leveling and the time you spend and the gathering of the people was in not way what I think of when I think of raiding, not back then anyways. Now I think of casual meh difficulty decent loot instances back then when someone said raid I was thinking of an actual raid you would get all these people that you had all these things in common with and you would raid all the time with them and you all had the same goal, kill the bosses. Work together and get the amazing reward afterwards. I am fine with LFG others are not however I think it makes things easier but others think they should still run to the dungeon or raid even if you use LFG. I listed these topics for blizzard to show them after years of research how to fix the issues to make the game an amazing and popular fun game for everyone. To get rid of the way to tediously easy things in the game so the game feels like that, a game a fun game where you put progress and effort along with time and you have fun doing it. I hope me explaining and answering your questions and comments I need to work on my home work for a heart diagram so I will see you around next time I get a chance, Have a great day and may you get the loot of the hard to kill bosses that lay dead at your feet choking on their own blood. PEACE!

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