<Chronicle-Hyjal> 10/10H Tu/Th 630-9 PST ToS


<Chronicle> is a friendly guild that will gladly accept anyone into the fold!

However, we are primarily focused on the upcoming progression for Tomb of Sargeras, and are looking for all specs and roles of 895+ ilvl for the raiding team. In particular Healers and DPS would be great. Raiding experience is a big plus, but not required. Again, anyone is welcome including PvPers and casuals, so if you're not yet 895 (or even level 110), fret not, because we'd love to help get you there! We do Mythic+ runs as well as some Saturday raids to help people with gear.

If you'd like to join, whisper anyone in the guild and they can invite you. Once you're in, message an officer with your spec/ilvl (if you're 110), and what your interest is (raiding, hanging out, etc.). The officers are Dadio, Irlix, Barakagan, and Vahnis.

We'd love to have you with us! Good luck out there in the Broken Isles!
Just to add to the above,

<Chronicle> is looking for PvPers of all experience levels! We have a bunch of folks that run random Battlegrounds daily. You can also find a few people that run rated Arenas and Battlegrounds.

We are a multipurpose guild and would love to have anyone join our ranks!
We are still looking for a few more folks to fill out our raid team! Any role is welcome, though we seem to be okay on Holy Pallies and Mages.

Come join us!

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