[BUG] Mythic guldan

Bug Report
When you get into the demon within phase, and you have to enslave / spell-steal from the doomguards, our warlocks enslave is generating an incorrect amount of threat, and making it nearly impossible for our tank to pull the add off of him, We don't have a mage so simply spell-stealing it is not an option, anyone else encounter this?
Yes, we encountered it last night. After the enslave breaks, it fixates on whoever enslaved it, even through a BoP. This is in need of a hotfix if it hasn't been addressed yet.

EDIT: Whoops, it's you =P
Any words on this blizzard, I'd hate to see this cost my group a kill.
This ruined our progression tonight. We had to bring in a mage alt that couldn't libe through anything, so we constantly had to rez him. Please fix this before tomorrow night Blizzard.
Echoing calls to please fix. This was a really irritating thing to encounter because it makes it impossible to kill without a mage (our group doesn't have a main mage right now). I'd taunt and do everything I could to grab aggro, but the Soul Fragments of Azzinoth just run straight to our warlock right through the taunt and basically one-shot him.
This should be a high priority fix, as it has made an already more difficult alternative tactic impossible to execute. Especially in the transition week between tiers.

As of now we either have to bring an alt who is more likely to die in the earlier phases, or someone who isn't nearly as familiar with the encounter (and cheat someone who's been progressing on the boss the opportunity for a kill.)
Still no fix? Come on guys!
Also, locks pets die in demon within phase as soon as the big doomguards spawn. No rhyme or reason they just go from 100-50-dead. You can resummon the imp but as soon as the next doomguard spawns it instantly dies again. So yet another bug in demon phase. Please look into these asap.
Also going to chime in.

After enslaving I stopped all my cleave and even stopped draining on the Nightorb to eliminate some of my healing aggro. After I got initial threat on the Nightorb I literally did nothing, and the demon still came after me.

We were able to yo-yo it between grips and taunts, but it's not feasible to have me constantly running from the add every time one spawns.

Blizzard please address. This ruined over half of our P3s.

EDIT: Wanted to point out that we did not seem to have this issue pre-7.2.5
Bump again. Hard to believe this hasn't been fixed.
BlizzardCS responded to me on Twitter and implied that their Q&A team had been unable to confirm it as of this morning.
How are they unable to confirm it, we can provide logs of the INSANE amount of threat our warlock has on the mob after enslave ends, this is a REAL ball buster.
Same, not really sure why it's not being addressed. :/
Still nothing? Zzzzzz
Blizzard, can you please look into this and atleast get a fix out before monday night so my group can one last chance at having a kill?
We had to bring in someone's alt to do it. :( Super disheartening there's no comment from Blizzard.
Almost a week, no response, no fix, nothing. Why even report bugs?
Supposedly this was fixed today:

Dungeons and Raids

The Nighthold
Fixed a bug causing Soul Fragment of Azzinoth to inadvertently retain threat on a target after Enslave Demon breaks.


Little late though. We still plan on bringing a Mage alt tonight.

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