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Legion PvP Season 3 is ending soon, so we’d like to once again share what we can regarding the rating requirements to earn end-of-season rewards.

Last season, we looked at what the rating cutoffs were at the time and used those to estimate where they would end up at the end of the season. We got a lot of feedback indicating that this was confusing, so for this season we’ll simply be providing the current cutoffs (at the time of posting) and updating them as regularly as possible. Note that we don’t consider posting cutoffs in this way to be a long-term solution, and appreciate your patience while we work on other methods of providing these updates.

Again, the below rating requirements are current only as of the most recent update to this post, and we expect them to rise significantly before the end of the season. We will update these as regularly as we can over the next week; you can tell how recently these cutoffs have been updated by checking when this post was last edited.

Final 3v3 Arena Cutoffs: *Updated
Cruel Gladiator (Horde): 2902
Cruel Gladiator (Alliance): 2825
Gladiator (Horde): 2658
Gladiator (Alliance): 2600
Duelist (Horde): 2188
Duelist (Alliance): 2144
Rival (Horde): 1900
Rival (Alliance): 1879
Challenger (Horde): 1620
Challenger (Alliance): 1607

Final Rated Battleground Cutoffs: *Updated
Hero of the Horde: 2400
Hero of the Alliance: 2333
Guardian of the Horde: 2068
Guardian of the Alliance: 2023
Defender of the Horde: 1827
Defender of the Alliance: 1780
Soldier of the Horde: 1630
Soldier of the Alliance: 1619
Now about those Elite sets....
lol easiest hero ever

the dream lives on in MEEEEEEEE
I don't care as much as last season personally but this is imo a MUCH better procedure.

Gj blues on actually insightful info this season :)
Looking at the ladder right now:

Alliance: 32 R1 spots. 128 Glad spots. 160 spots in total.

~11 "teams" will get R1. ~44 "teams" will get Glad.

Horde: 42 R1 spots. 168 Glad spots. 210 spots in total.

~14 "teams" will get R1. ~56 "teams" will get Glad

In total there are 74 R1 spots and 296 Glad spots. 370 spots in total.

Doing it this way is much better. Thank you blizzard.
06/06/2017 02:32 PMPosted by Jalën
Now about those Elite sets....

Can we address how celestalon plays with a tablet yet
Ornyx, is there any chance you'll allow old third party sites (such as arenamate) to report cutoffs again, rather than you guys at Blizzard having to do the work?
06/06/2017 02:43 PMPosted by Verduns

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06/06/2017 03:26 PMPosted by Deshxx
06/06/2017 02:43 PMPosted by Verduns

you suck nerd

desh i need my alli rbgs on monk where are you at
Should be posted in the arena/BG forums.

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