[A] <Dissolution> (Weekend Raiding)

Hydraxis and Terenas
<Dissolution> is a raiding guild on the joint servers of Hydraxis and Terenas. We're a very small tight-knit group of friends both in and out of game that came together after years of raiding across various servers and guilds in hardcore progression guilds to enjoy raiding and the game on our terms and timeline. While we're not really 'hardcore' progression raiders, we still play to win while having a good time and expect everyone to be pulling their own weight.

Most of us have families and careers so we get that real life happens, don't really have an 'attendance' policy but raiding two nights a week, we expect everyone to be able to be there on both nights ready to raid.

We're also an adult guild, and very NSFW on the best of nights. If you're not over the age of 18 and/or can't handle that, then you might want to think twice.

Current Progression:

9/11 Heroic ABT and Building a Mythic team to take into BFA.

Raid Schedule:

Friday Night - 9:15pm to 1:15am CST (Central Standard Time)
Saturday Night - 8:15pm to 12:15am CST (Central Standard Time)
Sunday Night (optional alt/normal run) - 8:15pm to 12:15am CST (Central Standard Time)

Raid Needs:

Heroic Raid Ready Healers (preferably with raid ready offspecs) Ranged DPS Killers One or two melee Killers Melee that have a viable tank offspec for Mythic + keys and possible raid nights

To apply for a tryout contact one of the Officers listed below: Kyukazi (DPS Lead) - Sephirin#1515, Bastiuss (GM) - EzekielDavio#1864, Slimshadyo (Heals Lead/Co Raid Lead) - Dephyrius#1876, Qrissy (Recruiting Officer) - Qristal#1157, Singwei - aerialleryn#1173

Or Apply at:

New patch up! Got melee spots and a place for a healer this weekend for N and Heroic NH fun.
Looks like we have a potential DK and Warrior joining us! Still looking for a bomb healer and another DPS (melee or ranged) or two.
5/9 first week with solid progression on the Host. It and the rest of the bosses will be worked on and die this week. Tomb is a blast!

Updated needs looking for a solid healer and more DPS. Ranged or Melee. (Where the Mages and Locks at!?).

We usually run a smaller team so everyone goes. Not looking to recruit for bench, which is the beauty of flex raiding. Hit us up in game, come join the fun.

**fixed progression numbers lol
Lookin to fill some spots this weekend on progression as we work to clear out Tomb and get it on lock to begin farming it for Heroic! Get those openings while they're good!
New guild website and application up. Come check us out. Work in progress but its growing swiftly. Just like us!

7 of 9, looking for some big time DPS to join us and some awesome heals, come raid and have fun with us!
Alright so posting an update!

We're now 4/9 Heroic with Mistress on Lock for a kill this week and then moving on! 7.3 is upon us and we're all having a blast! Looking for a guild to join? Want some weekend raiding? Progression on a two night basis!? Look no further. Weekend warriors, we want you!

Raid Schedule: (new time, an hour earlier)

Saturday and Sunday - 8:15pm to 12:15am CST (Central Standard Time)

We're looking for Heals and ALL DPS.

Come get some. See names in original post for who to hit up or apply at:
Updated the original post too.
Are you still looking and for which roles?
Sorry didn't see this man! We're 8/9 heroic and LF healers that can flex to dps, and DPS in general!
Prefer disc or holy ? o.O
933 mw monk also can offspec to ww monk if needed.
Aggramar down, Argus dies tomorrow night.
Argus down. 11/11 and truckin through finishing the build for a mythic team and solidifying things for the expansion. LF dedicated heals and more killer dps.
Are you still looking for people to join your guild? I am currently looking for a new home on Terenas.
I have recently returned from a couple years off. Are you looking for people that are not ready to raid yet?

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