Rdruids - what talents are you taking now?

I queued for a little while last night and I really felt the 6 talent nerfs. What is everyone thinking of running now? Here's my thoughts:

Stacking Lifebloom still felt like it was too weak to be anything but a niche talent choice. Overgrowth still seems like it's going to be the best even in its neutered state. Is Overgrowth now weak enough that it could be worth taking Early Spring against all the rot comps?

The fifth row of honor talents now seems pretty lacking. Revitalize was putting out very poor numbers for me last night. The other two choices are generally bad but I guess we always take Nourish against the caster cleaves now.

What about Soul? Is it now worth running Soul (maybe even with Cen Ward) to have some burst healing through SotF + Regrowth? After the Overgrowth nerfs, I feel pretty limited in burst healing. The purge spam (and Revitalize) has punished me pretty hard in the past for taking Soul. Maybe Cult is still good enough?

So, what's everyone doing now?
06/14/2017 04:55 PMPosted by Bajheera

So, what's everyone doing now?

not playing the game lol

you see not only did the class get nerfed

dps classes and other healers got buffed which was an indirect 2nd nerf
I heard somewhere that with the nerfs to cultivation a lot more druids will run soul now. could be wrong just what ive heard so far
I've only played like 10-15 games as resto but I played the lifebloom stacking talent w/ SoTF and revitalize

I feel like overgrowth blows since it only applies hots w/o that instant regrowth but I'm not really sure.
Soul feels pretty terrible in that so many comps will purge spam, making the talent kind of a waste except for its burst healing with Regrowth. I think Revitalize may still be the best among bad options on its honor talent tier - so Soul's use is much more limited. I can't tell if that's good enough.

My throughput feels a little weak with either Soul or Cult build. I'm thinking that taking Soul for burst healing alone might kind-of make up for the loss of Overgrowth. I'd stack LB instead for throughput.
Just play boomkin until it's buffed back again. Boomkin just got a small buff, slightly better burst.
Rdruids are not viable to high rating atm
Woah Baj you're lookin a little tiny these days you should probably get back into the gym again man.
RDruid is kinda in a sad state right now. I've tried every talent and it's really choosing the best of the worst.
Most 2/2.4k rated last season are not allowed in teams, aka kicked.
As ive heard affli dots > Rdruid HPS. U can't sustain ppl HP.

So, to answer your question, what's everyone doing now? Rerrolling/Taking a break/Smashing stuff with the head/having nightmares with Holinka
I've tried almost every combo and honestly, nothing stands out as "good". Cenarion Ward is probably still your best bet in that row, but picking that talent means you get less of a benefit from Soul of the Forest, so idk. Entangling Bark vs Revitalize is stupid no matter what you pick, like if you Ironbark someone they're probably not in any danger of dying, and vs melee you'd use it when melee are already on someone, so the root is somewhat irrelevant unless you wanna waste Ironbark just to get instant roots out so idk. Revitalize throughput is garbage. Overgrowth is weak but the lifebloom talent is kinda nice but it doesn't give us much to work with against burst swaps.

I'm really bad at the game tho so i might be using my spells wrong
Im going to try some stuff out tonight and report back as detailed as i can, im no expert but i guess any info is worth it.

I just tweeted Doomsen to see if he is going to update his guide as well soon.

He said he will update this week, so finger crossed for some good information to help us NA druids out.
Here is the URL for his EU forum guide:
It's literally all trash. The talents you pick now essentially have no effect on your game. Only thing that matters is selecting guardian affinity if they train you which is happening a lot more now. I did notice that Abundance is back to 10% reduction on HT cast time in pvp. Nourish could be the way go again even in its nerfed state.
06/14/2017 09:20 PMPosted by Dpk
Rdruids are not viable to high rating atm

I agree with this. I'm going to play boomy for now. You're going to be way better off playing as a dps with a shaman, disc, or mw than you will be queueing as rdruid.
Has anyone had good times with balance druid in 2s?
06/15/2017 12:11 PMPosted by Suul
Has anyone had good times with balance druid in 2s?

Moonkin+rsham is pretty decent/fun. That's what I usually play to get my wins for the week.

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