LÜST [H] is recruiting dps! T/Th 7-10pm 4/11M

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
Current as of 3/13/2018
<<LÜST>> is a horde raiding/social guild on Ner’zhul. We are currently 4/11 Mythic 11/11H. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays 7 PM CST until 10:15 PM CST. Previously: 4/9M TOS, 5/10 M NH, 7/7M EN and 3/3H TOV.

Current Needs:

We are currently looking for:
-2 dps some preference for a shaman/hunter. Willing to talk with any solid dps atm. Looking to finish out the tier with a few more mythic kills, so looking for people primarily interested (and geared) for Mythic progression.

What we are looking for:

People that take raiding seriously, but want a fun and friendly environment. The median age of our guild members is ~30. We all have jobs and are looking to get the most out of our raiding experience in the least amount of time possible. We raid at most six hours a week, so individual and group performance is paramount for achieving meaningful and timely progression.

Knowledgeable players. We expect our raiders to have an intimate knowledge of their class, what they bring to the table and how they are best used in a given situation.

Courage and grace under fire (not in fire). Due to the limited amount of time we can raid weekly there will be a fair amount of pressure to perform to the best of your abilities the first time, and every time. Officers and other raiders are encouraged to provide suggestions and feedback, and as such each and every other raider must be able to take constructive criticism in a positive manner.

The ability to enact and conform to changes in strategy quickly and efficiently. With such a limited time available both the planning of, and rotation of different strategies happens at a quick pace. We need you to be able to keep up.

What you can expect:

Stability. The guild was founded in 2010/2011 and has been raiding consistently at the highest level every tier under the same leadership. We generally end up somewhere slightly ahead of the curve clearing about half to three quarters of the hardest difficulty.

A positive raid environment. We are all adults, and very few of us take well to being talked down to. Our officers will critique our members in private channels while making strategic suggestions in an open channel so others can benefit from them. You will not be yelled at, verbally abused or harassed. Period. We are here to have fun!

Discord server for guild use. Chat away.

Strong guild community. We are a close group with a strong social presence in game, on Facebook, and in our Discord server. Many players also hang out and play games outside of wow.
A laid back and clean guild environment. We are all pretty chill people, during the week we run mythic + with each other, knock out our world quests and relax.

So you've read that giant wall of text and are interested in joining? Please contact me at Naravia#1910 via Btag or Discord (Naravia#2514) to setup an interview and more information.
Best of luck in finding a place to call home, we hope you will consider ours!
Still looking for dps! Tomb starts up next week and we have a few spots open for dps!
Updated current dps needs
Updated- recruiting all dps currently.
Looking for more dps- pref a range or 2!
Updated with current needs
LF Rdps that can out dps me
Recruiting a tank as well as ranged dps! Willing to talk with all classes atm.
Looking for 1-2 dps to round out our core roster :) expanded search to rogue and warrior.
updated for tank and Antorus recruitment
Updated 9/28/17
Current as of 10/23/17
Bumped for antorus :) currently have 3 spots open for dps!
Updated :)
4/11 (:

If you want to raid mythic and our raid times work for you, message Nara.

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