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Previous raid experience is 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 8/10M NH as a mage. Decided a few weeks ago (after yet another guild death) to reroll tank and am looking for a new home for heroic and mythic raiding. Looking for something that starts around 10pm EST on Tuesday/Thursday, or late evening weekends would also work
Any bites needing a tank (or melee dps) for ToS? Perfect time to fill those rosters!
Woof, tough crowd
Not sure how you feel about faction change or realm hop, but we have very similar times to what you're looking for. <Darkest Hour> on Cenarius US is recruiting DPS to fill spots. Our raid times are Tue & Thur, 6 to 9pm Pacific time, so 9 to 12 your time. Our current progress is 4/10 M but we've only had the number to even push mythic for 2 weeks now. Should get Tich tonight or first thing Thursday then hopefully get Spellblade before ToS opens.

Feel free to message me for more info.
I don't get home before 9pm my time on T/Th :/

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