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Guild Recruitment
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Still looking for dps.
Still looking for a tank and dps.
Can we kill Kin?
970 prot paladin 3/11m
Still looking.
Kin at 45%
Still looking.
Name: Petsy

Faction: Alliance

Server: Stormrage

Preferred Specialization: Protection

Current Mythic Progression: 5/11

Current Mythic + Progression: 3676

Preferred Raid times: Afternoon, Evening, or Late Evening.

Contact: Petsy#1502 or Discord (Petsy#5529)

Raider.io: https://raider.io/characters/us/stormrage/Petsy

Warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/petsy

More Info: I can raid any day. Would prefer only tanking. No off tanking of any kind. I can take harsh criticism and suggestions but I'm mostly mimicking advise from warcraftlogs. I'm willing to change servers/factions after a trial/stream. Willing to do keys with other members that want to progress in Mythic Plus Dungeons. I'm also willing to help any starter guilds or participate in off raid events. I'm very Free on Friday and Saturday!

Strengths: I have played prot warrior since Cataclysm. I'm up-to-date on information from class hall discords. Fast-Learner. Loud. Can smash the hell out of ignore pain :)

Weaknesses: I work weekdays from 12pm-7pm
Still looking.
Still looking for more dps.
Search continues as usual.
Anyone interested? DPS?
Looking still.
Searching might need more people tonight!
Any one interested?
Still searching for some dps.
Searching for strong dps.
Still searching.
Still looking for members!

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