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Muradin and Nordrassil
Howdy folks!

I'm coming back to WoW after a *very* long hiatus (I dropped out at the beginning of MoP). I'm currently working on getting back into the swing of things, and I really miss having an active guild.

I'd ideally like a guild that:
- Is a community and has fun
- Helps each other out (grouping when needed, etc)
- Enjoys the occasional run of old stuff just for funsies
- Has some kind of raiding opportunity in the once-I'm-geared future
- Would be willing to tolerate the occasional stupid question if there's a new-since-I-last-played thing that I just can't get my mind around (I'm good about doing my reading and try my best not to be a pest, but...some of this stuff is really different after 4 years!)

After I finish leveling and gearing, I want to get back into raiding with this gal as resto. I did most of the early Cata raids with her as resto, before switching over to my mage (Alayne), who I played through the rest of Cata, including H Firelands and H Dragon Soul. I switched over to resto shaman (Glynna) for the beginning of MoP until RFI stopped raiding mid-HoF. I'd also like to catch up on what I've missed (I <3 achieves and transmog), so I'm looking for a guild that might at least do the occasional run of old stuff. I am pretty set on staying Alliance.

You can catch me in game most evenings, or on the boards here anytime. Cheers!
Hello Heavanna!
I think Ley Lines might be a good fit for you. I do have a recruitment thread up with more specific info, but in general I can tell you that we're social and casual so focus on building and maintaining guild camaraderie and offering multiple avenues to meet guildies needs. This means that we have both casual and progressive raiding, old xmog and achieve runs, mythic + runs, leveling, trivia, etc....

If you think we might be what you're looking for, just /who Ley and ask anyone if an officer is on and we'll get you in.

Whichever guild you choose, good luck in finding your new home!

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