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Join us live on Wednesday, June 7, at 11:00 a.m. PST, as we sit down with Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit for our next live developer Q&A where he’ll be answering your questions on patch 7.2.5 content including: Black Temple Timewalking, the Deaths of Chromie, Trial of Style, The Great Gnomeregan Race, and more!

You can submit your questions here in this thread or on Twitter by using the hashtag #LegionQA.

As a reminder, please keep your questions short (40 words or less) so that we can get to as many questions as possible. We look forward to you joining us live on Wednesday!
Are there any big (or even medium sized) secrets in WoW still un-discovered? If so, any hints? :P Loved, loved, loved Kosumoth and Mind-Riddler.
Any whispers about spriest single target buffs?
Varimithras where is he?
can we get confirmation as to weather the relinquished token vendor will have its titanforge cap raised with the rest of legion gear once mythic tomb is available?
With AK capping again, what is to stop a repeat of pre-7.2 NH, where a huge gap in artifact level formed and made many players feel apathetic about holding their raid team back?
Given the huge amount of disdain players have expressed toward the legendary system as well as the obvious flaws you have admitted exist why did you perpetuate that system by adding more legendaries that appear overpowered to the point of necessary for some specs?
Why are all classes still lacking core abilities that we've previously had for a decade?
Have there been any updates on how artifact skins will be handled after Legion? Will the any of the ones we earn after Legion be transmoggable, or is transmogging them still planned to be limited time only for all of them?
Can you please give us some conversation about the current state of elemental shamans? With a hugely nerfed tomb set, its looking like lower ilvl NH tier will still be better. Our single target is still heavily lacking and we're going into a raid where our niche of burst and sustained AoE seems nearly useless. I'm not demanding change, just asking for some conversation.
Is this the same Q&A that is listed on the blog post for Wednesday June 7th?

Edit: I guess reading comprehension is hard.
With the Trial of Style and all the emphasis put on Transmog in Legion, do you have any plans to allow hunters to put enchant effects on their bows/guns, like every other class can?
Will the Death of Chromie scenario be doable any time of the day without needing any kind of currency like Nethershards?
When/will we be able to wear more then two legendary items? At this point in the game the greater majority have 4 or more legendary items on their mains.
Why has no ilvl cap been placed on old raid content, such as capping it at the maximum global ilvl limit which existed when that content was current? 925 for NH, 895 for ToV and EN. Would help remove the incessant old raid farming needing to be done by mythic raiders looking to min/max their character.

Also, why isn't titanforging capped at the next highest available difficulty? LFR to norm to heroic to mythic to cap.

Will World quest rewards scale up for the Mythic Tomb release?

What's the ilevel requirement for Tomb LFR?

Will Tomb have 100% AP drops same as NH?

Will order hall champions and missions go above 900 for Tomb?

What's the exact mythic+ end of run and weekly chest reward item levels for m+ 10-15?
There be any interesting rewards for timewalking in the future example like unobtainable mounts titles, and achivement? All we getting the same reward every timewalking dungeons and raid?

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