Long time player Looking for Guild

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Hello. I have been on Thunderhorn since Vanilla. This server is really home for me and I would like to find a nice stable casual guild where I can hang out in and lvl my toons to max and pvp. I am not much of a raider. To be honest I have not seen a raid since the first expansion and when the guild I tried to make did not work. Now like I said above I mostly really lvl a toon to max and pvp. I keep to my self much of the time but I do would like to see an active guild chat where everyone is having fun. Do not mind helping where I can. The guild I would hope to join is just stable, active, with as little drama as possible and lastly friendly. Hope to hear from you. If you like I can give you the list of all my alts Sashi to Scifi.
check us out. We are primarily a raiding guild but we do alot of different things!


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